Friday, April 2, 2010

Got Lost?

I decided to make a table of contents so it's easier to navigate the story, since it's getting rather long. But that's good for me; means I'm just that much closer to completion. So here you are:

Gray Legacy (Base Game/University):


  • Well-Dressed Sims: 1 pt (no guarantee that Sims will look good)
  • Noble Composure: 1 pt (no guarantee of noble Sims)
  • Free Roaming Ghosts: 2 pt (guarantee of Sims pissing themselves, hehe)
  • Storyteller: 1 pt (no guarantee of a good story, but I promise to try)

Green Legacy (Nightlife/Open for Business):

  • One Way Street: 1 pt
  • Free Roaming Ghosts: 2 pts
  • Storyteller: 1 pt

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