Monday, September 1, 2008

The Power of Three

Back to the house!

And then Charlie and his friends went to Magic Mountain to find the princess and the cotton candy...
Did you read that one all the way through, Spirit? If I remember correctly, that had a pretty gruesome ending.
*skips ahead* Oh dear... so they found the princess and she gave them cotton candy and they all lived happily ever after.
Good save.
My little boy can't hear about what really happened to Charlie.
Maybe you should preview books before you buy them.

Hi Amanti. Congratulations on winning the spelling bee.
It was easy. I'm not feeling challenged enough. I should go to an different school.
Let's see how you feel after you become a teen.
I'm telling you now, I'm not going to feel differently.
We'll just see about that. Even I can't predict the future.

Welcome home Allen. I really like the uniform, but the beret is yucky.
Well, it's part of the uniform, so it stays.
Yay! The last thing I need is a baby and a toddler at the same time. At least Rondo has been a good one.

That's what I was waiting to hear.
This gets harder every time!
Maybe you'd like to go to another room, Amanti?
No way! I mean, this is a fascinating event that I will never experience. Therefore, I will observe.
I caught that. So you do have the ability to speak normally. And I wouldn't be so sure about never experiencing childbirth...
Allen help me!
I don't know what to do!
Men are so useless.
I don't see you doing anything.
The best way for me to help is to stand back.
Twins? Nooooooo! Not now!

Whoa, it's getting dark. Dang, forgot to turn on the lights.

Allen, could you hold this one? I feel funny.
That's cause you're having another one.
Oh no! We don't have room for another one!
Tell that to the baby.
Don't be ridiculous.
You said it.
Well, it's not that bad. Okay, let's shed some light on this situation. Wait, where is my buy mode?
Mom, hold this one, I still feel funny.
Oh you're kidding me!
I'm the one still having babies!
I can't believe it; I have triplets!
*prays it's not quadruplets* ...Oh thank goodness, buy mode's back. I totally forgot I had the trips and quads hack installed.

Now to name the little buggers.
That's not nice!
They're triplets. I'm thinking ahead about three hours, when they'll all be crying at the same time for food.

Okay, that's it. No more babies for you.
Oh that's alright. I'm sure Allen is okay with five, right?
Right answer. Even if he wasn't, that would be tough luck on him. NOW let's shed some light on the situation. Would you like to introduce them, Spirit?
I'd love to!

Allen's holding the oldest one, Sephia. She looks just like him, except she has my eyes.
Mom's holding the middle one, Sedona. She looks more like me and Mom, except she has her father's eyes.
And this is the youngest, Sorento. Looks like Sephia, but with my skin.
Welcome Sephia, Sedona and Sorento Green!

You took off rather early for being so fascinated.
I saw the most important part, and I couldn't see anything after the first one was born.
If you heard all that, you should know that the first one has a name: Sephia.

What did I say about them all needing a bottle?

Now that you have little sisters, you need to be very responsible, so they will know what a real man is supposed to act like.
Like he isn't already.
Can we replace the siblings with fish? I would like very much to study fish.
We can't replace your younger siblings with fish!

I must say that fish would take up considerably less space.
I'm not trading my babies for fish! What is wrong with you people?

Fortunately, babies don't need much care, and everyone had vacation time, so things settled down quickly. Allen, still very confused by his first son, takes solace in the fact that his second son doesn't give him superior looks.
While the aforementioned first son uses up much of his time cleaning up after everyone else, since he can't stand to wait for the maid.

Time for Rondo to become a child. Then he can move into Amanti's room and not have to hear the babies.
Who decided that I will be sharing my room?
I did. The babies need their own room.
This would not be a problem if they were traded for fish.
For the last time, Amanti, I'm not trading them for fish!
Aunt Aspire, what do I do? The last thing I want is to share my room.
I guess that's the side effect of having a large family. It was just your mom and me as kids, so we each had our own room, but I don't think I'm supposed to tell you anything other than keep up your grades so you can go to college. Come here. Don't tell your parents I said this, but if you clash with them too much, you can always come stay with me.
What do you mean?
You'll know if the time comes.
I don't know if I like that idea.
I've got to look out for my nephew. If he turns out like me, Spirit's gonna have a cow. So I'll spare them both and take him in. I have room.
But what if he just has a fight with one of them and decides to leave?
Amanti's smart. He'll know what I'll let him move in for.
Happy birthday dear Rondo, happy birthday to you!

You only look slightly different than Amanti. A slightly wider nose, but that's it.
Is that bad?
Not really... I was just thinking you'd look slightly different.

You two seem to get along well.
Rondo doesn't look down on Spirit and I the way Amanti obviously does. I think I wold have been him if I hadn't been sent to military school.
So that's why you like being in there.
It grows on you.
Aspire! Wow. Interesting hair.
I'll take that as a compliment.
You really should come over more than just on the kids' birthdays.
Actually, I think her visitation schedule is fine the way it is.
Well, it's still on the good side.

Good morning.
A good morning indeed.
And isn't it so cool that Grandpa met Grandma using a crystal ball?
It certainly is interesting.
I want to meet people using a crystal ball.
I can set that up, but we'll have to wait till you're a teen.
And Amanti was telling me all about how cool fish are, and that... Mom? Are you listening to me? Mom?
I'm afraid that I'm alienating the boys.
It's alright. They understand that taking care of babies is a lot of work.
Are you sure?
Of course.

Congrats Amanti.
I have become bored with school.
I told you, we'll talk when you become a teen.
I told you Miss Fini, I will be of the same opinion as a teen.
How was your first day?
I'm not as smart as Amanti yet.
Well, you can't go to the top of the class in a day. Even Amanti didn't do that.

So, maybe this kid will, like, notice me if I stand here and look pretty.
Doubt it. Amanti's a talking machine once he starts. Besides, you want to look elsewhere. Chances are, you won't be marrying in.
I just want to grow up and have kids. Is that so wrong?
No, but sorry, I'm sticking to NPCs. And you're a townie. You have a chance with a spare. Oh yeah, she can't hear me. I feel stupid.

Grandma, can you help me with my homework? I don't get it.
No problem. This sure brings back memories.
Thanks Grandma. I got it now.
You sure?
You never asked about certainty before.
I don't know. I just felt like I should ask.

Well, I can't ask the babies about impending birthdays.
Amanti! You grow to teen and hopefully figure out what you want to do with your life. How do you feel?
I feel like a contestant on a game show. Can you please back up a foot or two?
*sigh* You really suck the magic out of things, you know that?

When I grow to a teen, I will be going to college, because there are too many people in this house. Or I will move to Au--Australia! There is very interesting weather there.
You almost let your almost-secret out. While you decide whether you will need to move to Australia, I'm going to check on the trips. You're not the only one with a birthday today.

First Sephia. She's rather cute.

Next Sedona. She looks just like her mother and aunt did as toddlers.

Finally Sorento. He looks exactly as his older brothers did.

And now we move to Amanti.
I am ready.
Good thing, because if you weren't, you'd owe me $30. Cakes aren't cheap.
I wonder if they're all amazed at her party-throwing ability or waiting to see if she'll keel over.
Make a wish, Amanti.
Alright, I will go along with the silly tradition.
Thank you. *eye roll*
I already know what I want to do in life.
Hold that thought until after you age up.
How did Grandmother get over here that quickly?
You have more important things to worry about.

Where did the lights come from?
More important things to worry about.
Why am I levitating?
More important things to worry about.
...Interesting outfit, Amanti. *snicker*
Oh who cares about the outfit? I have reached the teenage years!
The teenage girls will.
Teenage girls are silly.
Oh that's a real nice face. Couldn't you at least smile?
I am exhausted.
They all got a good party. No thanks to the oldest.
Congratulations Spirit. You have shown that you can throw parties to rival your mother's.
Oh, I'm just a novice. I have a lot to learn before I can even match hers.
Well, the party score says you're there.

Why not have the skilling start immediately? That already puts Sorento ahead of his sisters.

I send you to get decent clothing and you're looking at females.
Do not try to sound self-righteous. You told me to tell you whether I thought she was attractive.
There's these things called creative secrets. That means you keep your mouth shut.
Not if it makes me look any worse. Now may I talk to her?
Go right ahead.
You look familiar. Are you a spare?
What are you talking about?
You know, a spare heir.
We haven't gotten to that conversation yet. Just tell her that you don't know yet.
We will be discussing this when I get home from school.
Fine, fine.

And that puts Sorento way ahead of his sisters. If I didn't know better, I'd call favoritism.

Okay, you want to know about heirs and spares? Here it is.
Let me finish this conversation. He will? That would be fine. I look forward to meeting him then.
Who was that?
I was arranging a meeting with the headmaster.
The headmaster? We aren't ready to meet the headmaster! And actually, with those bent glasses, neither are you.
Strange. I'd have expected those glasses to bend on your mother, but not you. I guess you two share eye structure.

She can say Grandma!
Ehh, close enough.
Geez what is it with the boy learning everything before the girls?
He just has more energy. So he's ready to learn quicker than them.

Hello sir. My name is Amanti Green, and I, on behalf of my family, welcome you to our home.
Hi-dey ho young man! The name is BJ Ryan. Very pleased to be here.
Okaaaay. Would you like a tour of the house?
Sounds great. Looks good from the outside, but you can never tell. Gotta see the homestead from the inside to really tell.
Okay, he's weird.
And yet you're still trying to get in.
I'm assuming that he's the exception, not the rule.
Who is this girl blocking my path?
That would be Jessica Barrett. Friend of your mother. Downtownie. Romance sim, if I remember correctly. Guess she got excited when she heard there was a teenage boy living here.
I'm not interested.
Aww, why not? She's even trying to guess your favorite subjects. *giggle*
Wow, you guys got a high-falutin' plasma TV and everything!
Just nod and go on to the next room.
We also have many more things that are in other parts of the house that couldn't be shown because of the time limits, right Rondo?
What you talking about, Amanti?
Sorry Amanti, you're on your own trying to impress him more than he is. Besides, something tells me he's not even listening to you anymore.
Look, my grandson has his heart set on going to this school of yours. If he was rejected, I fear he may never recover.
Oh that's no problem, little lady. This family is more than worthy to have children in our school. If you wouldn't mind following me to the car to get the uniforms...

And finally the girls are getting some decent attention.

Where did you just come from? It's midnight!
I went out with Meadow.
Did you get permission? You two are getting really close.
If that is what you want to consider it, you are free to make that assumption. And yes, Grandmother gave me permission to go.
She's knocked out, so I can't check. Oh well, you're too much of a nerd to put your academics in serious danger.

Sedona is almost done,
and so is Sephia. I keep missing her doodads.

And of course I had to get pics of the boys in their private school uniforms. Amanti's excited, but decided he should hold in the girly squealing.
That is not true!
And Rondo still doesn't see what the big fuss was about. Don't worry, since you and Amanti are freaks of nature that had fun at public school, you'll like private school even more.

That takes care of Sedona,
and that's it for Sephia.

And apparently more or less just in time.

15 down! 5 more to go!
Those with good memories, or those who have "And Baby Makes...Six?" up in another tab, will recall that Aspire has the lifetime want of 20 simultaneous lovers. Yes, she's up to 15. But she's running out of guys... and that's all I will say on the subject. At least this week.

Oh, it appears that the trash compactor is broken. I will repair it.
I think you should call a repairman. I heard those things can kill.
Oooh, the big scary piece of machinery.
Oh my God!
Oh no! Amanti! Don't die!
The trash compactor is not mocked.
Don't take away my firstborn! I'll try to spend time with him, I promise!
That's not exactly a promise you're supposed to make on the brink of death, Allen.
Uh... do you have any better ideas?
Is he alright?
I am fine, Father. I will meet you at the obstacle course in 45 minutes.
So now you want to electrocute yourself too?
While I appreciate Amanti's initiative, he didn't know what he was doing. I, on the other hand, having had to know how to fix nearly everything in my career, do.
Apparently he did. However, it took longer than 45 minutes, or at least he spent more than 45 minutes with his head buried in the compactor.

Well, it looks like your father couldn't make it.
I have muscles!
Well, I'll take your word for it. So you don't care that your dad's not here?
Do you not notice the gravity of this situation? I have, what do they call it? Washboard abs!
I guess not.
Besides, it is enough body skill for a scholarship. Grandmother likes to hear about scholarships I earn, and Mother says it is important to keep Grandmother happy, since Mother says she does not know how much longer Grandmother will live.
Isn't that nice and morbid.

And seriously, the minute she grew up, Sephia started playing cops and robbers with Rondo. It was adorable.

And that takes care of the birthdays.

Did no one notice that they all aged in midair?
Whatever are you talking about, Amanti?
You know exactly what I am talking about! They all aged about three feet off the floor, like they were witches or something else occult!
That's silly Amanti. Witches don't come till Apartment Life.
What is Apartment Life? Wait a minute, you are changing the subject!
I didn't realize that messing with him would be so much fun.

I had to include this pic of the middle triplet, Sedona, because she looks almost just like her mother did at that age. To see what I'm talking about, browse through the entry "Aspire to Greatness."
Awesome. I'm happy because birthday parties are much harder to handle when there are more than two birthdays in the same party.

Good morning triplets. Maybe one day, when I'm done townifying my hair, you'll grow into a hairstyle I like. Until then, to the mirror!

Unlike Amanti, who took me a little time to grasp, and Rondo, who I still don't quite get, the triplets started showing me their personality quirks immediately.
Sorento idolizes his father, follows him around, and tries to emulate him in every way he can. Except the hair, which i insist stays the way it is. I don't need more than two curly-haired brunettes in the house.
Sedona is a very laid back girl, preferring to pillow fight and play computer games than anything else.
Sephia is my little clingy stalker. Only kidding. Kinda. She won't let anyone else, and I mean anyone else, talk to him. She insists on completely dominating his time. That helped me figure out one thing about Rondo though. He's appropriately creeped out by it.
But he did manage to tear away from her and peel Sorento off his father long enough to get some quality time.

Johanna, they've barely made the limit for heavily watered down anime. They're definitely not old enough to watch The Strangerhood.
They're back there discussing the social implications of stereotypical characters, or some such over-my-head topic.
I like birds, aren't they pretty?
Okay, maybe just one's not mature enough for this show.
And I'll end this update with a picture of the girls heading off to public school. Sephia was angry that she couldn't go to school with Rondo, but now that Spirit told her that with an A+, she can earn her way in, she's ready to raise her grades as quickly as she can. She's a very determined child.

Sorry about the length. This is my longest update for this family, but yeah, triplets will do that to you. I had a lot more great pics, but that would've necessitated a two-parter, and I'm really trying not to have any of those.
See you next week!

Odd Pic Out:
From now on, this pic will be used to explain my love for Remington Harris. It's so cute!


ASimWen said...

Nobody even broke a sweat raisn' them

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Yeah, nobody except me, lol. Breaking sweat, screaming, ripping my hair out, it all amounts to the same thing...LOL.

Ang said...

"CHAAARLIIIEEE!! We're on a bridge Charlie!!!"

Love that you threw that in there! I was laughing so hard!! I'm glad you didn't scar the child with the missing kidney at the end! ;-)

Ive done triplets before. I'm sorry they gave you trouble. I think when I did them, I just had the parents on different schedules, so it worked out nicely.

Melissa said...

Triplet and Quad hack? You are a brave soul! I enjoyed it as usual.