Friday, September 12, 2008

The Next Generation (Part 1)

I'm sure you noticed that this is labeled Part 1. Yeah, a whole lot of radically different things happened this week, and I managed to get down to... I'm kinda embarrassed to say. Suffice it, though, that this is a LONG update. So let's get started, huh?

Good afternoon Amanti. Now that's impressive.
Genetics are fascinating. I've been looking over our family tree and noticing things, like how Mother and Aunt Aspire look exactly like Grandmother, and they must carry all of Grandfather's traits as recessive.
Don't remind me.

Well, launching a shuttle may put even more people's lives in danger. Let's nuke it.

Now that's leadership in action.
Of course. Never mind that I gave you the answer.

Alright! I've been waiting for this. Now we can figure out how much of a clone to Amanti you're gonna end up.
I'm not Amanti's clone.
Well, you're the same in personality, and there's a negligible difference in looks. If you end up a Knowledge sim, I'll be calling you a clone. But hey, there's only a 17% chance that I'll be right. The odds are in your favor.
What's that noise?
I don't know. Let's look.
I'm finally coming to join you, Galant.
Oh you're kidding me! Today? Why is it always when I get the first birthday pop-up?
Good evening everyone. I've returned, and I think it's obvious who I'm here for.
Well, since you're in the bathroom and there's only one other person here, I think we can take a safe guess it's Johanna.
You're rather feisty today.
When am I not?
I particularly remember you yelling at me to go away when your last founder passed.
Well, that was a really sad moment for me.
Can we get back to me here?
Oh, sure.
Don't go, Gramma.
I'm sorry, little one, but I have to. Your granddad misses me.
But we don't want you to go!
One day you will understand. Until then, be good and listen to your parents. And don't hog all your father's time.
*snuffle* Okay.
You're being quite the trooper, not crying and all.
I have to be strong for everybody else. Besides, Amanti wouldn't cry. He would call it "a fascinating experience." Where is he, anyway?
Well, the trips have your mother for support. She's not crying. Granted, I don't know where she is either. You do a good impression of Amanti.
As for where he is, I don't think you want to know.
Amanti? Your grandmother's dying in the bathroom as we speak.
I know. She told me she'd probably go today, and not to cry, since someone had to keep from blubbering for the kids' sake.
Actually, I think they have their father for that.
What's going on? Oh no...
Unfortunately, yes. Your mother picked one of the most inconvenient times to die. At least the timing wasn't as bad as Brooklyn and Remington Gray, right before a birthday and in the middle of a headmaster visit.
Can we please get back to me?
Geez, Johanna, I didn't realize you were so eager to die.
I'm eager to get to my husband.
Oh, fine.
See ya, Johanna. It's okay that you can no longer answer me. Say hi to Galant for me though.

It's okay to cry Rondo. Crying will help you feel better.
Hi Miss Fini. What's going on?
You didn't get the memo, did you?
Your grandmother just died. I'm so sorry Sedona.

Johanna Morris Green died at 76 days old, top of influence. She goes to join her husband, Galant Green, who died 14 years before. She leaves behind two daughters, Spirit (48) and Aspire (37) Green, a son-in-law, Allen Bowen Green (48), and five grandchildren: Amanti (17), Rondo (12), and triplets Sephia, Sedona and Sorento (8).

Oh no! It's all my fault!
What do you mean, Sedona?
I was looking at Granny's cell phone, and I said it was cool, and she gave it to me, and she said she thought I could use it, but she said before that, that she thought she'd die without her phone! It's my fault! I killed her!
That's nonsense, Sedona. The dying without the phone thing is a figure of speech. She died because it was her time, not because she gave you her phone.
Isn't this your job?
I don't know what to do. Or what to say. When dad died, it was me and mom. Amanti was too little to understand, and Allen, though he couldn't help me, did take Amanti off my hands so I could mourn properly. Now we have five children, three of whom don't understand what's going on.
Obviously, since Sedona thinks she's responsible for this.
This is a total bummer.
You don't say. Well, you are free to stay as long as you like, though I personally wouldn't stay any longer.
It's alright Rondo, don't cry.
You'll always have me!
*sniffle* Thanks Sephia.
Aww, that's sweet. These two are so adorable. And they look like they could be the multiple birth.

I guess it's time to clear out the crowd in the bathroom. Sedona, you'll have to move to let everyone out.
*cry* I'm sorry Granny. I didn't mean to do it.
Sedona, listen. It's not your fault.
I know you're just saying that so I won't cry.
Actually, when you get to know me, you'll find I'm brutally honest. There's no reason for me to lie in this case. Trust me, Johanna didn't die because you have her phone.
Amanti, can you help me? The school won't accept mom dying as an excuse for their homework to be undone.

I'm so sorry Amanti! It was selfish of me to ask for your help. You go on to bed, I'll manage.
Alright. I apologize Mother.
Nonsense. You just go.

Mom, I need you more now than ever!
Remember she said, you have to be strong for the kids?
But she was alive then!
I know it was easier then, but that only makes what she said even more relevant now. Besides, Allen's here to help.

And that's all.
Really? That was easy.
Now let's get you a drink of water and then get you to bed. We don't want you dehydrated in the morning.
And he helps a lot.
Sedona? It's time for your homework.
Maybe we should put it off about ten minutes or so.
Hey, you managed to teach Sorento, right?
Yep, now I need to go to the bathroom!

I don't wanna do homework!
I don't care what you do and do not want to do. You are doing your homework now.
You're mean! You don't care about Granny!
She was my friend too, but she would want you to do well in school. We're doing homework and that's final.
You're doing well.
And now you're done and you can do whatever you want.
*stomps away*
You're welcome.
She sure is mad, isn't she?
She'll get over it.
Are you okay Sedona?
No. Daddy doesn't care that Granny died; he just wants me to do stupid homework.
You sure you're not just sulking?
What's that?
Just being mad to be mad.
Okay then.

Rondo, what are you doing up? It's 3 in the morning!
I had a dream about Grandma and the gravestone, and I want to see if it will really move like it did in my dream.
I really don't think that's a good idea. Aren't you afraid of ghosts?
No... well, maybe a little bit, but it's Grandma! She won't be scary.
Actually, I'm not so sure about that.
I want Grandma back!
For your sakes, I kinda want her back too, but no can do. The only way to do that is with a Resurrect-o-Nomitron, and we don't have one of those.
A wha?
A Bone Phone. You want more information, look it up.

And what are you two doing up?
Couldn't sleep. And I felt nostalgic. I always used to watch Mom play. I never played her, but I was fascinated. So I thought I'd try my hand at it.
And Amanti?
Same. However, I am studying mechanical skill.
Later that morning:
Mom, can you have best friends even after you die?
Um, I'm sure you can.
Yay! Then I'm still friends with Grandma!
Um Spirit, you are going to work, right?
Oh no, I'm late!

Welcome home. So who's Emo McGoth behind you?
His name is Jared Holland, I believe. It does not really matter. I think he heard my grandmother had died and decided to follow me home, hoping to see a ghost.
Either that or he heard you had sisters. I know he's a Downtownie and I think he's a Pleasure Sim.
Well, he would be quite perverted to want to date a nine-year-old.
That little fact might have been lost in translation.
And you are?
I am finding employment.
But you don't need a job. Your parents are fabulously wealthy.
That does not mean I simply want to sit in the house doing nothing. I need something to break the monotony; therefore I am applying for a job.
Well, carry on then. Although if I was that rich and wanted to break the monotony, I'd buy a dog. Oh yeah, you all don't have dogs yet. Not until Pets.
Hi Sedona.
How was school?
Are you going to keep giving me one-word answers?
Point taken.
Hi Sephia.
How was school?
It was pretty good. I even met this boy in class who's really cool. His name's Aspen Swain.
So the family has finally met one of my other playables.
Hello Sorento.
Hi Miss Fini.
How was school?
Good. Everybody was really nice, and our teacher was impressed that we did our homework anyway. And on top of that, I met a girl in class that's really nice. Her name's Danielle.
That's good. Nobody would guess you had such good days from Sourpuss Sedona.
Wow Spirit! You had a good day too!
I was approached by Erik Swain. He told me what he did and asked me to join him, and I accepted. Apparently that's where the $5000 for "special projects" go: paying salaries to people like us!
(A/N: I play one college household per Legacy generation. With Generation 2 it was Erik Swain, the first one in the Sim State Student Bin. He makes cute kids, imho.)
Hi sweetie. How was school?
It was ok.
You feeling better?
A little.
That's good. Time heals all wounds. Have you done your homework yet?
Not yet.
Well, you'll want to do it soon, before you get too tired.
Ok, mommy.
So she can be nice to you, but not to me?
You said I sulk.
Well, it's true.
And my mom is a doctor, and she has a machine she can pull hamburgers out of!
That's funny.
It's the truth. If you ever come to my house, I'll show you.
These two get along very well. *makes a note*
Sliiide baby, 1, 2...
These two as well. *makes another note*

Hello Mr. Ryan.
Well, I am mighty pleased that you dun called me up ag'in to come here.
He has younger siblings and one wants in really bad.
We would like for our younger siblings to attend SimCity Academy with us.
Well, that can do.
Hmmm, Amanti told me to dress up and there's a big statue in the hallway that I didn't buy. Must be a headmaster visit.
Correct. And this time you'll get to meet him since you're not running after three toddlers.

Yay! And no death to ruin it! Although Sephia might be miffed to know that for all her work, she still won't get to go to school with Rondo, since as soon as she gets into private elementary school, he's going to private high. Oh well. Who wants a party?
Shhh! I can't concentrate.
Oh, sorry.

I'm sorry I couldn't eat with you last time, Mr. Ryan, but the last time you came, these three were toddlers, and I was caring for them at the time. I'm Spirit Green. I believe you met Allen and my mother the last time you were here.
I shor did, little lady. Where is your mother, if'n ya don't mind my askin'?
Unfortunately, she died a couple of years ago.
Now that's mighty sad.
It's alright though. She lives on through us.
Once again, Mr. Green, I am very impressed by your family. You can tell your girls and your little boy that they can start tomorrow mornin'.
Thank you very much, Mr. Ryan.
While one of the candidates and the inviter are in the next room studying. I'm not sure what to think about you two.
Wouldn't the headmaster be more impressed by my intellect than my eating habits?
Your statement has sound logic, Sorento. However, this headmaster is... different. Have no fear. I have seen that he is the exception, not the rule.

Speaking of logic, since no one's interested in a party, it would be logical just to grow Rondo up now, while I'm thinking about it.
Hey everybody, come look! I'm gonna be a teen!
The moment of truth is now. Will he, or will he not, be a complete clone?
I already said, I'm not a clone!
And some sparkles and confetti later, we have a teenager! I must say that your choice of formal wear is... uh, interesting. But we'll probably never see it again, so go on and give me a smile.
Like this?
Just like that. That's what you were supposed to do, Amanti.
And to prove that I'm not a clone of my brother, I've decided that I want the opposite life of Amanti's.
He wants to learn, and I want to party!
Alright, a pleasure sim it is. You'd be interested to know that your mother had the very same ideas about her life outlook as a teen. And then your aunt decided she wanted nothing but boys and your mom felt responsible, so she completely turned around.
Really Mom?
The 50 dream dates too?
Cut from the very same cloth.
And we get to go to school together tomorrow!
Actually dudette, I'll be going to high school tomorrow. You're still in elementary.
No fair!

I find it rather telling that when I don't bother to try to bring the headstones with me, then the lot runs smoothly. It installed it way earlier than I wanted to, but oh well. Welcome everyone to the world of self-employment and inventoried food, better known as Open For Business!
And all they care about is the fact that they can pillow fight now that they're on the same schedule.

That was unusually nice of you, Amanti.
I was doing the community a favor and helping to teach my classmates how not to burn down their homes.
I'm sure it wasn't that bad.
You weren't there. It WAS that bad.
Rondo, what happened to your face?
That's kinda harsh, dudette.
No, I'm serious. Your face looks different than it did last night.
Don't know why, dudette. Nothing's happened 'tween then and now.
Strange. Your cheekbones look more sunken, or something. And I'm Miss Fini, not "dudette."
Got it.
Doubt it.
Your personality hasn't changed any, despite the surprise aspiration. You're still a nerd.
I accept that label with pride, cause that means I'm smart.

Hi Sephia. Looks like you had a good day, despite Rondo being in high school already.
Yeah, Aspen said he could come home with us again today!
I think you two are trying to tell me something even you two don't know. At least not yet. But please, carry on.
Hello Sedona.
Still with the one-word answers?
Okay then.

Rondo, who's your friend?
Hahahahahaha! Stop, Kate, that tickles!
*eye bug* THAT'S Kate? Kate Peterson?!
That's Kate, alright.
Well, she kept her plaits. And you seem quite smitten Rondo.
Huh? Oh. Uh-huh.
Looks like he has lost the capacity for coherent speech. Kate seems to still wield the power of voodoo over the Green boys.
Rondo, don't you think you're moving a little too fast?
Oh boy, we have a hormonal teenager on the loose.
Hello son, who's your friend?
I think the better question is, who's your girlfriend?
Well, I didn't say all that...
He speaks!

I am so sorry that I missed Mom's funeral, I flew to Brazil that very day to film a stupid movie!
It's alright, Aspire. We're gonna be okay. You're welcome to stay around.

Now that you're inside, watch yourselves. I don't want the kids to see more than they're ready to.
That works.
Hi kid. What's with the staring?
You're holding my brother's attention. You have to die.
Rondo? Your kid sister's creeping me out.
Stop messing with her, dudette. She sounds like she's talking you seriously.
I am serious.
You're funny.
She's scary.
Don't worry about her, Kate.

I don't know if I'm comfortable with you two smacking lips in front of your 11-year-old sisters.
I KNOW I'm not comfortable with THAT in front of them! Remove your lips from, her shirt? Whatever! Just back up! "Thinking about college" my foot.
Sephia, why's Rondo kissing that girl?
Because she's drugged him with something and is now controlling his mind. She must die.
Oh, ok.
Sephia, are you okay?
Very good question Aspen. We'll find out the answer very soon. Stay tuned for part 2!


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