Sunday, August 10, 2008

And Baby Makes... Six?

Now that Aspire's gone to the bus, let's see about the rest.
See ya Johanna! Have fun!
It's work. Really, how much fun can I have?
But you like work.
But... it's work.

Nice uniform. You can wear that hat to work?
Why not? It looks good.
But it's not part of the uniform.
As long as it doesn't get in my way, it should be fine. Besides, they give me a few allowances because of Daddy.

Are you sure you want to keep that hat? It may be bad luck. You might want to invest in something green.
Okay, I get the point. No more hats at work.
And in other news...
Wow, Johanna! One more step, and you'll be there.
I know. It's amazing.
Well, for now, get your nice dress; your firstborn's getting married.

Wow. You make a beautiful bride, Spirit.
I am so exporting you.
What? I'm going away?
No, never mind. On with the wedding!

And now that the groom has arrived, time to go!

Congratulations you two! May your sister not break up your marriage.
Oh come now. Even she's not that bad.
It's sweet that you trust your sister that much. Not necessarily good, but sweet.

You actually went through with it. I congratulate you. And I can be civil to you.
Thank you Mrs. Green.
Cake: always fun.
And the first wedding dance of the new couple: could be better than the kitchen, but still quite nice.

Darn, missed the party score pic. Oh well. Suffice it to say it was good.

See you two after the honeymoon.

That gives Johanna just enough time to hang out in the hot tub in her usual state of undress...
And practice her "When I become mayor" speech.

Hello newlyweds. Goodbye, newlyweds.
Hmm, no chimes. Surprised. Apparently she's not quite as fertile as her mother. Too bad; she's the family sim.

Geez, took you long enough. But it's okay.
Not a bestseller, but still a nice chunk of change.
Still lucky.

Dwayne? Uh-huh. No, not interested. But I've already seen you, more than once. You're old news.

Okay, I like it here. I think I'll stay here, at this position.
Works for me.

Mainly threw this one in to show that these days, Galant's thrown up some major Johanna wants lately. When he wakes up, everything's about her. A bit strange, but nice. Hey, the older couple is still in love, and that's always good.

Finally chimes. Generation 3, here we come!

Good for you. You've broken into the big time.
Alright! I got a promotion!
Can you please move inside? I don't want people knowing that I know you.

This faceplant makes me laugh. At least he got his skill point.

The family is still very close-knit. How sweet.

Oh, hello Alon. How are you? You wanna go out? I don't know, I'll have to check my calendar. Can I call you back? Awesome. Bye.

You may be running for mayor? That's good. I'm sure you would be a wonderful mayor.
Way to butter her up, Allen. You should be sure to keep your "necessary parts."

Honey, what are you doing?
I don't feel so good, and hoping she up there can help.
Actually I'm over here, behind your husband. And no, I can't help. That's called pregnancy.
Oooh, wow! Look, a bump!
Yes, it's a bump. Congrats, you've reached second trimester. You Green women must be genetically wired for easy pregnancies.
But now I can't go to work.
Them's the breaks. You'll get over it.

I like the uniform. I really like the uniform.

Daddy, can you teach me how to use this thing? I got one too recently.
Not a problem, big sprite. It's not hard.
Is it Dave?
That's right.
See? Easy.
So why don't you try the game system next?

Hmm, probably can't outrun the Men in Black. Let's hide.

Hey! I'm awesome!
Didn't I say get inside? Ugh, why did Spirit have to marry such a weirdo?
Yeah, I'm not making quite as much money as Spirit, but I'm not a chauvinist by any means. If my wife is so good at her job that she makes more at her job than I make at mine, then so be it. Does he just not notice that she's naked? Man, this family is rather strange.

Whoa, I think the baby just kicked!
Close; you just bumped again.

So... why are you pregnant again?
Well, I have to carry on the family line. And I want children. Lots, if I can.
Weird. Well, better you than me. I don't have time for kids.
Hi kid! I'm your auntie!
Yet you start talking to your unborn niece or nephew.
Well, they're right here. It'd be rude not to say hello.

*gasp* Aaaah! Second lifetime want! *girlish squeeing*
Lucky. Oh, I'm sorry, that wasn't about you.

Oh he's cute!
He's male. Doesn't that make him automatically cute to you?
Hey baby, your feet hurt? You been running through my dreams all night.
Bad pick-up line! Bad pick-up line!

Spirit, do you think less of me? For what I want to do?
No, I don't think less of you. I worry about you, a lot. But I can't think less of you. You're my little sister.

Help! It hurts!
This is one thing I can't help you with. Welcome to the wonders of childbirth. You'll have to go through this a lot.
Allen wake up! I need your help!
No luck. He's out like a light.
Well, that woke him up.
I feel like I'm going to die!
It's okay, just breathe and relax.

Good, only one.
Aw man, crappy picture. What you can't see: Spirit's eyes, Allen's hair.
We've moved from Dodges (Spirit and Aspire) to Kias.

Allen, we have a son.
A son? Wow. A son.
Whoo! I have a son!
Oh boy, the kid's been born? It's time for me to go.

You're leaving? Just when they need you most?
I am not changing diapers and waking up in the middle of the night.
Nice amount of scholarships! Good job.
I'm just a connoisseur of the opposite gender. I'm not an idiot.
What, do they magically know I'm leaving?
Darn, we could use her help with the baby.
Bye, 'Spire. Have fun at college. Join Fruhm Urele!
Goodbye, Aspire. It's been nice getting to know you.
See you guys.

Aspire Green
Generation 2 Spare Heiress
Aspiration: Romance
Star Sign: Libra
LTW: Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers

Alright, I'm ready to go.
And with that, Aspire Green leaves the Legacy House for good.

Hello little one! I'm your daddy!
I wish I could allay the kid's fear of his father (probably the nose), but he's probably looking at his future.

Ready to eat? Huh?

Oh, look at that spider!
Hehe, sucker.

Good job! At least you don't have Aspire yelling at you anymore.

Galant is a good grandfather. Makes me wonder if he shouldn't have been a family sim.

I'm home!
Good thing. The baby's crying.

I didn't know you were getting a band together.
Just playing a song with a friend of my wife.
You do know he was the maid long before that, right?

Sorry, Spirit. *gigglesnort*

I should warn you about here that I decided to install GunMod's Radiance Lighting. So yeah, BIG difference in pics from here on. And I guess it inspired the storyteller in me. So there is a difference in the blog.

Allen likes spending time with Amanti, whether it's changing his diaper,
or feeding him.

He also makes sure to spend time with his wife.
He keeps the flames between them hot.
Very hot.

Spirit does manage to get some time in with her son.
And she certainly doesn't mind her husband's attentions.

During this time, Johanna managed to get those last logic points needed for her last promotion,
and talked with Galant regarding their recent financial influx.

And amid the flurry of cheating at chess and running obstacle courses, it came time for Amanti's second birthday. I know I'm excited. It's time to see whether Allen's nose is inherited.

It's time for your birthday! And look, everybody's here!
That is correct. Even Remington stayed long enough for the celebration. I guess he likes parties.
Even Aspire showed up for the occasion. That's her on the left.

Is it wrong to say that Amanti looks kinda... challenged? Hope he grows out of it.

However, when the sleepy toddler was put down for the night, I did notice this. I think the Green girls have a soft spot for toddlers, no matter how much they try to deny it.

And while Aspire was experiencing a seeming complete contradiction of her aspiration, her sister and brother-in-law were discussing already what school they were sending him to once he gets old enough.

As with any toddler, Amanti has a totally different rhythm than the rest of the house.
Except maybe Galant, who sleeps about as much as his grandson. Did I mention that I just love close-ups of Galant with children?

I'm sure gonna miss that, especially seeing that he's bound to leave me next week. That's probably the main reason I've been putting off this entry; then I can put his death off. Oh well, I don't have a cow plant and I'm doing the one-way street handicap, which means I gotta suck it up. And it looks like one of my fears may come to fruition, despite my efforts. Wouldn't you like to know what that is? You'll just have to wait and see!


Ang said...

I'm kind of glad 'Spire went to college. I don't trust her around ANY man...not even her sister's!!!