Thursday, July 3, 2008

Three Birthdays and an Outing

I'm back. So fill me in. What's new?

Growing up? That's new. Exciting too. Yay!

Let's all cheer for little sprite.

There we go.

Smile for everybody, little sprite.
There you go.
Now let's blow out the candles.
You look a lot like your sister.
It doesn't matter. She's beautiful in her own way.
Whatever you say, Galant.

Now it's Spirit's turn.
Cool, I have my own cake and everything.
Come on everybody, let's cheer big sprite on!
That's better.
How about making a wish?
Oh, I can? Hmmm, I wish... I know!

Whoa, I feel weird.
Wow, pretty sparkles!

Cool! Look, I have hips, and legs, and everything else!
You are really cute, Spirit.

Okay, a Pleasure sim, I can deal with that. I'm afraid I don't understand your turn-ons and turn-off. Are you looking for a sugar daddy?
Leave my daughter alone.
Look, you can't see what I can.

Oh that's good! Hey Spirit? You and your sister had a great party!
Whoops. Sleep well Spirit.

Good morning, Spirit.
Morning. What's that noise? *yawn*
That would be your sister screaming to be let out.
Hey 'Spire. Are you hungry? Is that why you were crying? I'm hungry too. Let's get some food.
Here's your breakfast. Daddy said to give you the glowing milk. Don't worry, it won't hurt you.

Wow, I've never seen someone learn potty training that fast.
That's because she's under a lucky star.
Or you make her wait a really long time before letting her go.
Wow, her first step! I wish Johanna were here to see this.
Well, she's learned to walk now, so Johanna will find out when she gets home.

I like the new look. It looks fresh and fun.
Well, that is what I was going for, so that's good.

Hey, what are you doing?
Your piece looked crooked, so I was trying to adjust it.
That's a lie and you know it. You were trying to cheat.
Then why'd you bother to ask?
Johanna! Oh hi Christy! Long time no see. Oh yeah, she can't hear me.

Can you talk for Mommy? Can you say chair?
She said it! It's her first word! Galant, get up here! Aspire can talk!
And now she can say anything.
Maybe Galant's on to something with his firm belief in luck.
Not you too. Remember, luck can swing both ways.

So, what's the surprise in my wardrobe?
I got you some new clothes, Daddy. Do you like them?
I love them, just because they were a present from you, big sprite.

That's sweet. You're best friends with her.
Of course. Why wouldn't I be?
Well, there was Sydney...
Really now, who is this Sydney person?
Forget I mentioned her.
I would if you stopped mentioning her.
You made best friends with Aspire too now?
No way I wouldn't have, with all the bathing I do.
Yeah, you are the only one who'll bathe her.
Hmm, your eyes are rather wide-set. Wonder where you got that from.

Birthday time! Let's invite the guests and get her dressed.
Guests cheering, but not family? That's practically blasphemy.
Oh there you are. I was getting worried for a second.

You excited, little sprite? It's your birthday!
As an aside, can you tell I love close-ups with Galant and his kids?
Let's blow out the candles.
Alright, you're on your own now.

Hey, I'm big now!
Yay! I'm a big girl!
I won't spoil your mini-celebration.

You look like a cheerleader. Too bad the dance track doesn't come till Free Time.

Hey 'Spire, now that you're a big girl and all, let's give you a makeover. I promise you'll look pretty.
You like it?
Uh-huh! It IS pretty! Thanks Spirit!
Of course.
I think you'd make a wonderful parent.
I don't know about parenting, but 'Spire is a sweet girl.
Just like you.

Remember your party fondly, Aspire. Good night.
You threw a great party, Johanna. Sleep well.

Before you get on the bus, let me get a picture of you going to your first day of school.
Welcome home. How was school?
My teacher said I don't pay attention in class. I think that's bad.
I doubt it. She said the same thing about Spirit, and she's a straight-A student.
Oh, okay.
Aspire, who's your friend?
Her name's Kate.
There's my little sprite. How was your day?

Why are you headed for the door?
I'm going out.
Out? It's a school night. Do your parents know?
I already asked mom. I'll be back by midnight. Bye.
I'm going to check with your mom. Wait a minute, who are you going with?
Alon? I don't know if he's your type.
Johanna? Do you know about your daughter going off with her friend?
Yes, I told her as long as she was back before midnight, she'd be good. Now, Aspire, you think you understand?
Yes, Mommy. Thank you.
Of course. All I want to know is why Galant disappears whenever the girls need to learn to study.

Is she coming out? Hey Spirit!
Oh hi! When'd you get here?
If he hurts a hair on her head, I'll kill him.
Calm down Galant.
Just as I thought, he's totally not her type.

Where are you going, Johanna?
Out with friends. I should be back in a couple of hours.
Okay, enjoy yourself.
Thanks. Bye.
Wait a minute, when you left the house, you were dressed normally. How'd you get back in your cow costume?
I don't know.
That makes two of us. Oh well.
Oh that's nice, but it's really late, so I think I'll stay at home. Will another time do? Good. I'll call you. Okay, bye.

Just a couple of girls and their phones. Spirit is a lot like her mom.
It's nice that you remember your sister between calls.
Of course. We're a close-knit family.
Certainly a lot closer than many families I've seen.

Hi Kate! You don't mid hugs, do you?
And I played a lot of games with her, like Mary Mack and tag...
That's great, little sprite.

Johanna, you know that's just mean.
I can't help it if she's gullible.
Mom, I don't see anything.
Really? It was a big ugly spider.

You two certainly play a lot of red hands.
It's fun!
Yeah. And it's better than some other things we could be doing.
You sound like my sister. Alright, I'll be back soon.

Wow, I never expected the house to be this drama free. I guess popularity sims can be good parents. Well, Spirit goes to college in a few days, and soon I'll have to choose an heiress. If that doesn't raise hackles around here, I don't know what will. Until then, bye!

Odd Pics Out:
I think Kennedy has more of reason to be angry with you, Marisa. After all, he isn't going around smacking you around.
Okay, you're in love with yourself. That takes vanity to a whole new level.
What's that look for? You don't like old men? Galant never did anything to you.
Or maybe you can't believe he married a woman who would get in a hot tub naked.
Spirit, you don't ahve to emulate your mother's behavior.