Thursday, July 17, 2008

You Can't Stay Young Forever

Back to the house. What's that sound?
Wow, I'm impressed. And this was without even trying for promotions.
The position of Mayor is so close. I can almost reach out and touch it.
I know, but you never cared about your career the way Galant did.

Hi honey.

How sweet. A family dinner.

You sure look happy.
I got an A+!
That's certainly something to celebrate.
Look Mommy! I got an A+!
That's great honey!

Awesome, I got that much? Cool! I guess I'm ready to go now.
Time for Spirit to go now.
You didn't tell us you were leaving us tonight! I guess all that's left to say is, we'll see you when you get home.
Why are you leaving, Spirit?
I'll only be gone for a few years. I'll be back to visit, and I'll be home once I'm done.
Will you come to my birthday party?
I wouldn't miss it for the world.
See you guys later!

You'll be a teenager soon! How does it feel?
I don't feel any different. Will Spirit be home?
I can promise you she'll be home.

Man, am I glad you didn't show up until we got one of those things behind you that's calling the police as we speak.
Ha, got you Jessica!
We'll see about that!
Oh, I hope they're both okay.
No you don't, one just just tried to rob your house.
Which one?
Based on my experience, I'd say the one in the striped shirt.
Go blue lady! Beat up stripe lady!
You have got to be kidding. In the last ten burglaries, the police officer got beat up. Seriously, what is going on?

And I heard you got a standing ovation!
I did! I think I want to be an actress when I grow up.
Well, we'll see around the time you're ready to go to college.

Galant, how would you feel being a First Husband?
What do you mean?
Well, it looks like I could easily take the House if I wanted to.
Lucky for you!
Yeah, real lucky. Anyway, how do you feel about it?
I feel honored.

And Johanna's halfway to her true lifetime want: 20 best friends. *sigh* I don't remember it being this headache-inducing last time I did it.

It's time for your birthday party!
Yay! That means Spirit's coming home!
You've really missed your sister, haven't you?
I'm home everybody!
Spirit! In here!
Hey 'Spire.
I missed you.
Aww, I missed you too.

Here's the moment of truth.
Yay 'Spire!
Go, little sprite!
That's my little girl!

Make a wish.
Hmm...what do I want?
Oooh, that sounds like fun!
Here it comes...

You're pretty too, like your sister.
However, your sense of fashion, also like your sister, is eclectic, at best. Don't worry, though, we'll be getting you a whole new wardrobe.
Till then, please tell me you have good news.

That is NOT good news. *headdesk*

'Spire! Are you sure?
Oh dear...
It's a secret. But I really hope this isn't my fault.
What? Spirit, you're scaring me.
Pretty good!

Nice makeover.

Oh he's cute. Taking him to college, and possibly beyond?
Oh heck no. That would cramp my style.
Uh-oh... this had better not be what Spirit was muttering about.

Ooooh, it looks like you're gonna get wrinkly soon, Johanna.
Don't remind me.
Well, Galant's old.
Galant was a lot older than me too. It's normal.
It'll be normal for you too.
I'm depressed. I'm gonna get cake.
Birthday cake?
Not mine!
Oh Spirit came to visit. Hi Spirit!

A worthy recipient of your first kiss.

Hi Spirit!
Who is THAT?
That would be your housemate's professor.
He's cute.
Whatever you say. His chin scares me. And his hairline. And his nose.

Congratulations on graduation!
Thanks. I'm ready to go home now.
No graduation party?
Nope. Let's blow this joint.

Why must you grow up into stuff that goes hideously together?
You think I picked this?
Well, it's time to go. We'll get you some better clothing soon.
Bye Spirit.
Bye Dave. Be nice to my sister.
I finally get to go home.

I can't be seen in this. It makes my butt look big.
Much better. 'Spire? Whoops. Sorry.
Daddy, I'm back. Oh you're sleeping too. Where's Mom?
Mom, I'm home.
I'll call you back later.
Welcome home!
Thanks Mom. Everybody's asleep.
They had late nights. Your father spends all his spare time writing, and Aspire was actually studying for once.

Spirit, you do realize that no one else knows about this guy.
Oh, you have a point.
I'm going to introduce you to my mom. She's a bit rough around the edges, but she's pretty nice once you get to know her.
Mom, this is Allen. We're getting married.
Oh? Well it's nice to meet you.
Thank you, Mrs. Green.
Hurt my daughter, and I will show you a world of pain the like of which you have never even imagined.
Mrs. Green, I can't feel my hand.
Mom, you're scaring him.

In spite of my mother, you should move in. Her bark's much worse than her bite.
I used to be a cow mascot!
If you can assure me that I will keep all my necessary parts, then I'll agree.
My dad keeps my mom in check most of the time. You'll meet him when he gets home.
Alright then.
Wow, and I was expecting the usual 1k! Not bad. Still broke, but it's an improvement.
Who's that?
Here we go again. I'm the family caretaker. I see and know all. You can never escape. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

And speaking of Galant...
The robot! The robot! For heaven's sakes, the robot!

There. I should be on the show 20 Years Younger. I've shaved at least 15 years off your perceived age.

Oh buck up Johanna. You get to have a party, and besides, you're only as old as you feel.
I feel a million years old.
Stop being so melodramatic. You're not dying. Just getting old.

And a guest starts the cheering again.

Did there really have to be so many candles?
Do you have to be so grouchy? Humor me, make a wish and blow out the candles.
Well, having 20 best friends would be nice.
That's my Johanna!
See, Galant's so thrilled for you. Can you act happy for him?
Okay. Yay.

You know, if you're going to color your hair, you should do the eyebrows too.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. We could always pretend I never went gray.

Oh come on! There's no one around for miles!
Fine. We had a good time anyway.

Oh, and in case you were wondering:
Spirit Green
Generation 2 Heiress
Aspiration: Family
LTW: Have 6 Grandchildren
Star Sign: Libra
Turn-ons/Turn-off: Swimwear, Red Hair/Gray Hair
Allen Bowen
Generation 2
Aspiration: Family
LTW: Reach Top of Military Career (yeah, I don't know either)
Star Sign: Cancer
Turn-ons/Turn-off: Cologne, Black Hair/Glasses

I even let you keep your hairstyle. It's just in white instead of black.

And we'll end this little interlude with Aspire getting to know her future brother-in-law, hopefully purely for friendship purposes. Never can tell with InTeen. At least I don't have ACR. See you all later!
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