Friday, June 13, 2008

To Buy or Not to Buy?

Hello again! Say hello, Galant. Galant?

Whoops. Sorry about that. Wow, level 5!
Yep. Amazing, ain't it? Lucky.

*sigh* Why is he here?
He followed me home.
He's been following you home the past three days.
Oh, it's fine.

So I'm calling up an old woman...why?
To get you a date. You do need to get a wife, preferably soon.

Hello ma'am.
Hello young man. How can I help you?
I want to find the love of my life and I heard you could do that for me. So, can you help me out?
I can, but I have a small itch right here in my palm.
Give her some money, Galant.
How much do I give you?
All your money would be good.
No! You be quiet woman! I want some money left over for bills, so $2600 should be okay.

Hmm, not bad.
"Not bad"? That was most of my money!
I should be able to get you something pretty good for this amount.
She should be arriving shortly.
I feel sorry for her. Wait a minute...
Thank you so much!
You're quite welcome young man.
Don't shake her hand just yet, I want to see just who your date is.
Thank you ma'am. I know you did your best with what I gave you.
Galant, you're too nice.
Her name is Johanna. She's a bit shy, so that's why she's wearing a costume.
Oh. I hope that I can break her out of her shell then.
She's a cow. She's anything but shy.
Hmmm, a cow costume. That's...different.
I just know the mailman is laughing at me.
Hello miss. I'm Galant.
Johanna. Hi.
Rather terse, are we?

Okay, kicky bag is okay.
Dancing already? Man, you two REALLY get along.
Okay, a good date. No, don't kiss her! I was going to get you a a better date!
Well, he does find her hot. And she's an NPC. Maybe this could work.

Back to the grind.
So you heard I was downtown? As a matter of fact, I was. I had a date.
Ooh, I have mail. And it's pink.
A love note from your date, I presume.
It even smells like her.
Alright, drool inside, lover boy.
It's going to stay right there where I can read it everyday.
You know you can just ask her out again, since you have her number.

So do you have any good news for me?
You do! Yay!
You might want to know that Kennedy's right behind me.
Oh no missy. I learned all about you from the Uglacy. He's off-limits.

Nice suit. Looking good.
Isn't it? Detectives get to wear more normal clothes. It's like Law and Order. Lucky.
You're smiling. Even more good news?
Another promotion! If you were a Fortune sim, this would be so much easier.
Nice money tree.
Galant, you might have to dismiss him. He might run off with that.

Oh hello Johanna.
Mmm, your costume is soft.
Uh, thanks, I guess.
So she's not the amorous type.
Yet she falls in love with you first. Strange. Maybe she's just being coy.
Whoa, you two! Do you need a room?
Ahh, so you have fallen down the love tunnel as well.

Wait, you two aren't...guh! And in the car? When it's your first time?
*music* "Let's get it on..."
Great, and once again he's ignoring me. I'll be over here.
*music* "She got a light-skinned friend look like Michael Jackson
Got a dark-skinned friend look like Michael Jackson..."
Are you quite finished now?
Yep. I got lucky.
*facepalm* I cannot believe you just said that.
But I really do love her, and I'm about to prove it now.
Oh? How?

Johanna, I have a really important question to ask you.
I know we haven't been seeing each other long, but I feel that I could see only you for the rest of my life and I'd be happy.
So Johanna Morris, will you marry me?
Aaah! Wow! I never thought I had a chance with you!
Oh wow, I have a playable sim's engagement ring. It's beautiful.
Uh, is that a yes?
Yes! Yes, you silly man, yes!
Aww, I'm actually happy for her. For them.

So, would you consider moving in?
Eh, might as well, I was failing anyway.
Whoa, I feel weird. You might wanna back up.
Congrats Johanna, you are now an adult.
Who said that?
Who's me?
Call me God. Or Miss Fini. Whichever you prefer. I'm both.
Why don't you take off your mask now? You certainly don't want to wear that with a wedding dress.
Yeah. Wow. I assumed you were all ugly and malformed.
I see the error of my ways.
Just cause we get our kicks setting off sprinklers and beating up cheerleaders doesn't mean we're all trolls.

We can be affectionate,
we make ourselves useful, ooh politics looks interesting,
and we're smart too.
Well, you're no teen cashier, but your skill set isn't bad.

*in unison* This place is hideous!
You two were made for each other; you even complain in unison!
Can you blame us? The concrete walls, the lack of flooring, and are those fingerprints?
Just keep running that scanner. We'll talk about a maid after you get some money.

Well, you definitely are affectionate.
Oh, it was leading up to something. I'll be in the other room. Wait, did I just hear chimes?

Rise and shine! Who's ready for work?
Juuuuust giiiiiiiive meeeeee aaaaaaa miiiiiinuuuuuute.
No problem.
Caaaaaan weeeeee geeeeeeet maaaaaarriiiiiiied wheeeeeeen weeeeeee geeeeeet baaaaack?
I have no problem with it.
You, on the other hand, are a problem. Get up, lazy bum.
Um, can we postpone the wedding?
I just don't want to right now.
What? What was all this talk about love and proving it?
That was then, this is now.
Oh boy.

That ends this week. He makes me wonder if they will get married.

Odd Pics Out:
Grand Vamp! Grand Vamp!
You know, if she makes you mad, you can just bite her.
To Kennedy's credit, Marisa started it.
See you next week!


ASimWen said...

Kewl....Love to see the cow being played. That is something I have never done. Have done the Llama, but not Cow. Does she have a mean streak? heh

Anonymous said...

Awww, now that he's had the milk, he's not going to buy the cow? LOL That was a great teaser line, BTW, haha. That's what got me here! :)