Monday, June 9, 2008

Moving On

Before this post, I have an apology and an explanation. Unfortunately, my computer crashed for the second time in six months, and I had to again wipe my hard drive and start over. After I recovered my files from my portable back-up drive, I proceeded to drop my Legacy neighborhood back into my Neighborhoods folder... only to have it not show up. After a few tries of doing something that I forget now, I managed to get it open. And to my horror, everything was gone. No lots, no sims. Even my college neighborhood was completely empty of lots and sims. So, yeah. My Grays are gone. Sorry for you, sorry for me. Le sigh. So I took that as my cue to install Nightlife.

Yay Nightlife! Still my favorite EP. Cars, dates, the opportunity to install ACR! What's not to love?

Anyway, back to business. So what does this mean for my blog? Simple. New Legacy, of course! I have committed to getting one Legacy and one Prosperity under my belt before I die. Alright, let's get started!

Smile for me!
This looks good, right Ms. Nevermore?
Perfect. Now I'll introduce you.

Nightlife Legacy Founder
Galant Green
Aspiration: Popularity
LTW: Reach Top of Law Enforcement Career
Star Sign: Libra
Turn-ons/Turn-off: Formal Wear, Black Hair/Fitness

Sounds like you're trying to hook a Diva. Not that I mind. Oh crap, they have a penalty. Would I take it for at least 50k? ...Yes.

Hello Galant and welcome to your new home.
Okay, where's the house?
Oh no you don't. I told you no house.

You said four walls and a floor. I at least want that.
Oh yeah, forgot about that. Hold on.

This is all I can do on a very limited budget. You'll have to live with this for now.
Do I have a phone?
Lucky. This'll work just fine.

What are you doing?
1, 2, 3, body skill. 1, 2, 3, for job.
Well, you don't even have the job yet. The paper's here now. Why don't you find out if you'll get it today?
Good idea. I'm beat now.
You haven't even started getting the point yet and you're tired already? And you eventually have to max body. This is going to take a while.

Here it is. Lucky.
That is pretty lucky. You might want to work on that body skill point now that you know you'll need it.
Well, we can wait till tomorrow, can't we?

Actually, scratch that; you have visitors.
Don't think you'll get away from getting that body point. I haven't seen someone so unmotivated to get their lifetime want. Wait, there was Sydney.
Who's Sydney?

Hello. We're the neighborhood welcoming committee.
And yet they send you and your worst enemy.
That's not nice.
The welcoming committee isn't nice?
No, not you.
Sorry, forgot to tell you: only those who live here can hear me.
Not so lucky.
Remind me to ask you why you seem to have a small obsession with luck.
I like to cook. I was in culinary school once. Now I'm pursuing my true passion.
That sounds fun. I might have wanted to be a chef if I hadn't seen so much Batman when I was a kid.
Ugh! Why'd you do that?
Nope, not into nature at all. Flowers are for bees.
Wow, that's kinda harsh. Flowers were here before you.
Time to say goodbye, Galant. I don't want Mr. Long and Ms. Bendett interacting. Bad enough Ms. LeTourneau seems determined to make enemies today.
Do they have to go now?
Fine. I'll see you later, Ben, Marisa, and uh, Brandi.

Okay, now I'm glad I said goodbye. People+shower=bad. Lucky.

That's not a very nice face.
This stuff tastes disgusting.
You must be getting the generic stuff. There's this really good one called Boost that tastes like... you aren't listening to a word I'm saying, are you?
I tried, but it couldn't get my mind off the taste, so no.

Hello. Oh don't worry about not catching up with the welcoming committee in time, I like meeting new people any way. Uh, Downtown? While I'm sure you and your friends are a load of fun, we literally just met. That's kinda weird.
I forgot about that. Sorry, would've warned ya if I remembered.

Good night Galant. Tomorrow we get some money to get you a real refrigerator, or something.

Man, I thought they'd want more for the utilities, but they only asked for 72 simoleons! Lucky!
Okay, what's with all the lucky talk?
Did you not see the shirt? This is my lucky shirt, and it's been working.
Can't exactly argue with that.

Now you are going to get that body point you've been avoiding.
You sound like a child.
See? That wasn't hard.
I have a suggestion. Let's switch places.
...I'll pass.

Done. That crossword was too easy. Lucky. Now where are the personals?
You don't even have a separate bathroom. I think it's a bit early to be looking at that section.

"Hmm, caramel colored man seeks black-haired woman interested in parties and fashion. Should like blondes, facial hair and fitness in partner. No muscular women need apply." You think that'll work?
If you're looking to get laughed at or beaten up, sure. I know I said you should marry as soon as possible, but you don't have the money to take out an ad. Let's discuss that next week.

That'll get you fat quick.
No more instant meals. *snarf*
Oh come on, they're not that bad.

Bye Galant.
Hi. Do you guys have a better car to pick me up in? A police car would be so cool! All the flashing lights and...
I feel for David.

So, how'd it go?
A promotion! Good job.
They got me a contact to apply for the Police Academy. Lucky.

They want me there at 9 am, so I need sleep.
Good night. Enjoy the new bed.

You look happy.
The new bed was great! Thanks.
Well, the happier you are, the happier I am.
Hmm, much better. But you forgot the lights and sirens.
Leave him alone. He decides whether or not you're on time.
Oh he knows I'm kidding, right Dave? Dave?

Awesome! You got me a TV!
It's not for sitting on your butt all day, it's for exercise.
Of course. I wonder if I get ESSN.
At least you're exercising now.
Hello Louise. Look, I told you already. I'll hang out with you and your friends another time.
At least I can say that this stalker was not my fault.
Wow, a bowl and spoon. We've moved up in the world.
Mo mo i'fit mears.
I don't speak food-in-mouth. But I can guess what you said.

Another promotion! You're going fast. I can get another addition to your house.
A stove!
I figured it was time to give you the ability to make real meals.

Hi kid.
Hello sir. I'm Alon Livingston, and I'm currently collecting funds for the Poor NPC Fund.
You're supposed to be delivering the newspaper.
Look kid, it was nice to meet you, but I gotta go now.
No tip for you. Solicitation is against the law. I think.

Alright, now this is more like it! But why do I have to ride in the back? It's like I'm under arrest.
I guess that's the penalty for getting your police car.
Hmm... good things come to those who wait.
Good job!
That was nobody's luck. I deduced the correct answer and it gets attributed to luck.

Look Louise, if you don't stop harassing me about coming Downtown, I'm going to have to arrest you for harassment.
...I don't think you can arrest someone for that.
Oh yeah, check out these biceps!
Yes, you're fit. Congratulations.

You look happy.
I got promoted again! Lucky!
And I've been counting. I've made 5,000 simoleons!
Wow, that's a lot.
Doesn't look like it, but I have.
And of course, they want me there by 9, so must sleep now.
Good night.

Galant? Isn't it time to go to work?
Sure, come on over tonight and I'll make dinner. You can help me compose my personal ad.
Good to know that his priorities are in the right place. *eye roll*

As the first week always is, a quiet week. I hope he can keep up his momentum. And he hopes for a party. Why am I not surprised? I'll be back soon, as soon as I talk him out of it.

Odd Pic Out:
I didn't know Mrs. Crumplebottom could bowl. And she even got a strike. You'd think with that skill she'd spend her time bowling and not harassing sims.


ASimWen said...

Looks intersting..Crumplebottom bowling??? hahaha...never seen that before. lol