Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Catch the Spirit

And we're back. Now before I forget, let's introduce this one to you all.

Johanna Morris (hopefully Green)
Aspiration: Popularity
LTW: Have 20 Simultaneous Best Friends (Bob Newbie-style rant)
Star Sign: Aries
Turn-ons/Turn-off: Stink, Brown Hair/Glasses
And of course, as they do with all NPCs, her stats have been tweaked so that she's all outgoing and playful. No neat points, no active points, No. Nice. Points. The only thing keeping her in the house is the fact that her children's stats will be determined on her genetic stats.

So why are you taking the Jeep to work?
Missed the carpool. We were too busy doing grown-up stuff.
Going to work is also grown-up stuff, but you weren't doing that.
Look, I'm not all that bad. Ask Galant.

Alright, whose butt do I have to kick for knocking for knocking over the trash?
Glad you asked. The name is Komei Tellerman. Red hair, looks like an ape. Can't miss him.

Ooh, you're home! And you brought money!
Lucky. You wouldn't happen to be a Fortune sim god, would you?
Nope., but good guess.

While I'm sure you're both enjoying Johanna's live-in status, I'd really prefer if her unborn baby had her father's name.
What baby?
She's pregnant.
She is?
*facepalm* I'm only forgiving your collective lack of knowledge because she hasn't had any morning sickness or anything really. But yeah, pregnant. Marriage would be nice.

Congratulations you two. Welcome to the family, Johanna.
It's really about time, Galant.
I was being stupid, putting it off. Forgive me?

A normal honeymoon in most of my households.

Yay! Remi! I need you, since nobody else will clean unless I twist their arm.

What? I told you you were pregnant. And congratulations on your promotion.

Oh look! It's a spider!
You don't see it? Hehehe. Sucker.
I did mention the total absence of nice points, right?

Guess he never caught her.

Go beat up lots of bad guys, Galant!
I feel bad leaving Johanna home by herself. She could fall or go into labor while I'm gone.
Don't worry, she won't. I promise.
Hey. No promotion. That's okay.
Where's Johanna?
Inside, and perfectly fine. Look for yourself.
Guys, it's not even 7:00, and you're sleeping already?

Ahh! Stupid omelette! I'm starving and you want to burn.

Forget the omelette! Where's Galant?
Uh, at work? Why are you going into labor now?
Tell him to get home right now! I'm having his baby!
I'm afraid it doesn't quite work that way.
Mrs. Green? I know this isn't in my job descrption, but is there any way I can help?
You can have this baby so I can eat!
You know he can't do that.

Just one. Thank you.
Oh, looks just like you. Darn. So? Boy or girl?
A girl. I'm going to name her Spirit.
Interesting name.
She doesn't look too happy to be fed right now. Maybe you should wait a bit.
Who's the mother here? She's fine.
You forgot that you're a first-time mother.
And now some food for me... *splat*
Poor girl. I'll send her to bed. Johanna? It's time for bed.

Galant! Thank goodness you're home.
Hi honey. What happened to the f-uh, maternity clothes?
Your child's been born.
I missed it. Ms. Nevermore, you said I wouldn't miss it.
Actually I said that yesterday. And it surprised me too. I didn't know she'd have it today.
Enough arguing. Here she is.
A girl. My little girl. Lucky.
Spirit? Look over here. Daddy's home.
Look at me honey.
There we go. I'm the luckiest guy on earth right now.
As much as I hate to break up this very tender family moment, Spirit needs her diaper changed.
I know. I'm not stupid.
Look at her. She's beautiful.
She is rather cute, even though I'd hoped she'd have your eyes.

Honey, I'm going to work. Please feed the baby before you leave.
No problem, Johanna.
Wait, you both are going to work?
Yeah, she wants to get some more money flowing into the house, and I don't have any time off.
Come on Spirit. Drink up. Now you're going to be good for Ms. Karen, right? Phew! Better change you too.
So we hired this nice lady. Her name's Karen, and the agency drops her off before I leave for work. She leaves when I get home. It's perfect.
Or at least it would be if they had a better reputation.
What do you mean?
Oh nothing really. She'll be fine. For now.

You look quite pleased with yourself.
I am! I got elected to city council. And I've made 5000 simoleons so far!
Good for you.
Wow. You've almost made it to your lifetime dream.
You don't look too thrilled about it.
I feel guilty leaving Spirit by herself all day.
She was fine. She only got put on the floor once.
Uh, I was kidding?
Oh. *sigh* Don't scare me like that.
Dude? Who are you talking to?
Oh yeah. Not you, Adam.
Speaking of Spirit, her birthday is today.

Hey little one, today's your birthday!
Why are you all the way over there?
How else can I get good side shots of the cake?
Now let's blow!
*gratuitous cheering*
And what goes up an infant...
...comes down a toddler! Happy birthday Spirit!

Uh, would you like a hug?
No offense ma'am, but I don't even know you.
Fine. You're ugly anyway.

Upsy daisy!
You can walk now!
Meaning she won't look like that kid from The Grudge when she tries to get around anymore. Now you need a shower.
I'll take her from here. You wanna learn to use the bathroom like a big girl?

I'm home! Where's Spirit?
In the kitchen waiting for you.
Can you say "chair?"
"Chair," honey, "chair."
You did it! Johanna! Did you hear? Her first word!
Yes, I heard her.
You're going to get your bunny? Where'd your father go that quick?
The phone was ringing.
Well, you're not nearly as bad as Sydney was.
You've mentioned that name before.
Don't worry about it.

I luvu Mommy.
Aww! I love you too, sweetie.
That just touches your heart.
And she finally learns how to use the potty.
She just had to wait for her luck to kick in. You'll be a big girl soon.
Well, in three days. Close enough.
Daddy's always gonna take care of you. Remember that, sprite.
Okie Daddy.
Now time to get you clean.

And here's our warning. Well, not really a warning, because I keep my toddlers in platinum. But one more day and Spirit can grow up.

That's all for now. See you later!