Monday, June 23, 2008

Aspire to Greatness

Alright, where is everybody?
Johanna's at work. So it's just me and the sprite. Hey sprite. You hungry?
Here you go.

Hey, you got good news for me?
How about getting voted to state assembly?
Very good news!

And it's time for Spirit to grow into a big girl.
Is she gonna be okay?
She'll be fine. Same thing happened to me.
Wow, what a stretch!
If you think that's a stretch, you should see the adult to elder transition. Actually, you will see and experience it yourself soon.
You said her name's Spirit? Hello Spirit! My name's Cheryl.
Yay! I'm a big girl now! Hi Cheryl!
What? What'd I do?
Uh, should I go now? Johanna? ...Hello?

She's actually rather cute, even though her mother's genes are dominant.
Good morning Spirit. You're going to school. Excited?
Not really. Can I skip school please?
Sorry, but there are truancy officers here.
What's that mean?
That means that if you don't go to school, your parents are going to get in trouble.
Oh. Okay, I'll go to school.
Aww, look, it won't be so bad. Your parents will at least be home soon after you get home.
That's better.

Definitely don't run. The last time someone ran, bad things happened.
That's what happened, my person got accused of all those things. Whoa! Thank you Johanna!

You brought home money too! And it looks like you had a good day at school.
Well, it was okay. My teacher said I can't sit still. That's bad, right?
Not if you want to play sports when you grow up.
That sounds fun. Or I can be a Captain Hero, like the ones on TV.
Or your dad.
Really? Daddy's one too?
But you can't tell anyone, ok?

Congresswoman Green has arrived.
But I'm comfortable here. So I'm not worried about moving up anymore.
Well, you never had a career aspiration, and I can get your career reward, so you are free to sit and bask in your phenomenal success.

How was your day, sprite? Did you make lots of friends?
Not yet, Daddy, it was just my first day.
Well, don't hesitate to make friends with your classmates. You never know when you'll need a friend.

Thanks for showing me how to do math, Mommy.
No problem, honey. Why didn't you ask your father?
He said he was going to be busy tonight.
Finally. I can beat up anyone who tries to mess with my sprite.
True. Now just one more cleaning point, and you'll be set for the last promotion you need.

Spirit, how do you feel about a new brother or sister?
Really? We're getting one? Can I have a sister? Can she be older?
Wow, you sound excited.
I'll have to investigate that...

Hi miss bus driver lady! I'm getting a sister!
Sit down kid. I got a route to run.
Bye miss bus driver lady.
Bye young lady!
It's Spirit. Bye.
So how was school?
My teacher said I might have a learning disorder.
Just because you can't sit still? Well, that's not nice. You can focus. You do your homework. Strange.

Hi Mommy!
Hi honey.
My teacher said I might have a learning disorder.
Spirit is rather hyper, so she doesn't sit still in class. And the teacher inferred a learning disorder from that.
Oh. I'll talk to your teacher.
Okay Mommy.

Well? Did you get it? Don't leave me hanging!
Fine. I got it.
Awesome! That's one lifetime want down!
The luckiest ever. I never thought I'd be able to do that. So where's the sprite?
There you are.
My teacher says I have a learning disorder.
Don't worry about it; Johanna's dealing with it. Spirit, you didn't have to tell both of them.
Oh! Okay.

It's been a long time since we danced like this.
Very true, very true.

Well, it's been a long time since you got pregnant too.

Good morning Spirit.
Good morning. Do I have to go to school today?
Sorry, but yes.

Bye honey, going to work.
See ya Johanna.
Bye Daddy, going to school!
That kiss was just amazing, it was--oh, bye sprite!

You look very happy.
I am! Look! I got an A+!
Look Mommy! I got an A+!
Good for you honey!
Her happiness is infectious.

Oh, something hurts!
What? You haven't even bumped yet.
I haven't felt this bad since giving birth! Make it stop!
I would if I knew what was happening!
Heheheheheh, did I mention I had InTeen installed? Whoops. Anyway, Johanna, you need to eat, badly.
I haven't wanted omelettes this bad since I was pregnant.
...I'll just let her find out on her own.

Whoa! Where'd this come from?
We do not need to have this conversation. You know very well where that came from.
Now you get some rest and food.
Or maybe just the rest.
Mommy's been like that for a long time. Is she gonna be okay?
She's gonna be fine.
But I wanted Mommy to play with me.
Your father can play with you.
Sure, I'll pay with you before you go to school.
Off to save the world.
Bye Galant!

Who are you?
Darrel. Spirit invited me home with her after school.
Okay. Carry on.
Not over there. You have a big mouth. Literally.
Hi Daddy!
Hi sprite.
Are you going to tell him you have an A+?
I already told Mommy.
This stuff you tell both of them.
Oh! Okay.
I wonder if she really understands me.
So exactly what have you been doing to my daughter?
Just playing with her.
And what have you been playing with her?
Just usual stuff.
What's "usual stuff" for you?
Stop interrogating the boy Galant. He's harmless.

Did I really get this big last time?
Yes you did.

It's important to never get in trouble with the law, so you never have to wear handcuffs. They hurt. You always want to be the cuffer.
Mommy says it's important to watch what you eat, cause if you eat omelettes, you're having a baby.
I think it's time someone explained to Spirit where babies really come from. I'm not volunteering.

People should never eat omelettes, or you're going to have babies.
Not even a little bit. That means you're going to have a little baby.
Didn't I tell someone to tell Spirit that's not how you get babies?

Bet I can make this jump better than you!
No you can't!
Yes I can! See? I did!
Yet she's an SSX3 champ.
Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack, all dressed in black, black, black...
Are you gonna be my friend forever and ever?
Of course! I promise.
Aww. Uh, Kennedy? Can you back up? It's creepy how close you're standing to them.
I guess promising lifelong friendship is tiring.

I forgot that you were getting old. Now I'm getting sad. *flashes back to Brooklyn for a moment*
Also, I don't want you playing sports with my daughter. If she comes home with a hangnail you helped cause, I will make sure you spend the rest of your life in prison.
Galant, stop terrorizing the boy. I told you he's harmless.

Okay, the baby's really here this time! Get up Galant!
What? What happened?
Aah! What's all the screaming?
It's your second child.

It's another girl! How does Aspire sound? You like that?
Why can't I get a baby with his eyes? Are they that recessive?

Alright! Now I have a little sprite!
Can I say hi, Mommy?
Sure you can.
Hi Aspire! I'm your big sister Spirit!
I think she likes you.
Mommy says I'm too little to hold her just yet. But when I get bigger, I can hold her just like my teddy bear.

Drink up honey, so you can be a big girl like your sister.

How'd you get a cold?
I'm guessing it was the shoplifter sneezing in my face. Maybe I should have bought him the cold medicine he was trying to steal.
No, don't touch him Spirit! He's diseased!
Oh, it's just a little cold. Come here, big sprite.
What did I say? Why does no one ever listen to me?
My nose feels funny.
Of course it feels funny. I told you not to touch him.

Besides sharing germs, you two almost shared birthdays too. But I don't have to worry about you for another 24 hours.
You, on the other hand, we have a decision to make. Give you your party now, or let fate take its course and wait till tomorrow?
Did you say party?
But for this party you have to become an elder. You're not in a rush to get old, are you?
Well, we both knew it was happening eventually.
I knew, but now you'll be on the homestretch to death.
You think of it the wrong way. I think of it as the last leg of my journey through life.
Fine, have your party.
Thank you.

Whoops. Forgot that these two don't like each other. And since you started it this time, Marisa, I'll see you later.
Yay! Happy birthday Daddy! *noisemaker*
You don't know how much that means to me, big sprite.
I appreciate Johanna being so supportive. She can't be too happy.
Hmm, never thought about that.
I know. I have to think for you.
Anyway, make a wish.
Hmmm, well, what's left to wish for? I'm the superhero I wanted to be as a kid, I have a loving wife and two beautiful little girls. We're not poor anymore, and I have a circle of great friends. Well, more of those can't hurt. I know! I wish that I can see both my girls grow up before I kick the bucket.
Would've had a better chance of that if you'd waited till tomorrow.

Here we go!

And all done. That looked like it hurt. You ok?

Oh, I'm fine. Feeling good for an oldie.
The question is, are you okay?
Oh, I'll be fine, eventually.

Are you okay?
Just a cough.
You still have that cold, don't you? You go inside. I will not have you dying early.
Stupid Marisa. She messed up the whole party.
You're sounding suspiciously like my mother.
Get over it. You have to listen to me. Just enjoy the fact that you had a good party and go to bed.

That's all for now! Until next time!