Monday, April 14, 2008


I can say for sure this time that I did not take a lot of pictures. This was an unusually quiet week.

Sydney? Tucking your kids in?
Yeah. They're just so sweet.
Amazing, you noticed between phone calls.

Is there anyone around here that's not crying?

I'm not. Is there something you wanted?
Yeah. What's with Bronx?
Married. With quadruplets.
Yeah, quadruplets.

Look, I made a muffin!
And a very nice muffin it is.

Ah! Their lips are touching!
Too bad, he has to go to work.
I can't win. The one time we're both in the mood, he has to go to work. Why? Rrrrrr!

Take the door; falling down rickety stairs could be bad.
Well for that, I might as well have taken the stairs!

Congrats! Interesting topic.
It was awesome.

Get him in the face!
Paris, you're not supposed to be watching that.
Why not?
Because that's too violent for you. Find something else to watch.
But nothing else's on.
I don't care.
Hello? Yeah, something broke in our house. Hello? Hel-looooo?
I think they hung up. Now who's the sucker?

Awesomeness! I love promotions. Lifetime wants, here we come!

Ooh, the girls are growing up soon. Maybe I can finally choose who I want to be heir.

I don't understand why you have to work, but fine. And good for you.

Girls! Time for school!
I'm ready. Let's go Paris!
Why are you so happy? School's boring.
For once I agree with you.

Okay, school is better now.
Because you got money?
Yep. And look who I found!
Brendan! You know he's your cousin, right?
He is? He looks strange.
It's the eyes. He's the odd one out, with Maxis eyes.
Bye Manhattan. *snicker*
What's so funny?
You look like that weird color they paint the stalls in public bathrooms.
Tell me I'm wrong.

Hey guys, the girls grow up today.
That's nice.
...No mad dash for the phone? No balloons? NO PARTY?
I can't believe this.
Well, the girls are growing up, party or no party. Get to the cakes.

Oh, my crybaby brother showed up.
I wouldn't say that too loud, Paris. Manhattan's even meaner than you.
Now why wouldn't Mom throw me a party?
Forget about it. Just make a wish.

Look at the sparkles!
And the halo! All for me!
...What? Why is everyone looking at me?
Got me.
I look cool.
Yes you do. And you'll be changing.
Because I said so. Get used to it.

Hahahahahahaha! You fell for it!
Wow, you're mean. Your own child. Almost gives him a reason to be emo.

I wished for a husband, rich would be nice, and kids.
You WHAT?!
I wished for a rich husband and kids. What?
I'll be surprised if you keep a husband.

Happy birthday!
Make a wish, 'Lanta.
Alright. I already know what I want.

Wow, it's all around me!
And it floats!
Wow, my arms are almost as long as Mom's!
This is cool!
Okay, really, what are you all looking at?
Does this mean I did good?
You did very well, 'Lanta.

I want a happy family, just like mine.
I'm not a copycat! I had that idea all day!
I believe you, 'Lanta.
Thank you.

Oh hi Bronx. What are you doing here?
Getting my son, before your husband corrupts him.
You're silly, Bronx.
Maybe not as silly as you think.

Oh hi. I'm Paris Gray. My grandparents died and left me lots of money.
Maybe that's not the best topic for a first conversation.
Whoa, what happened? Was I dreaming? There was a hot guy and coffee.
I can't even remember his name.
Life is hard. Cry, emo kid.
I'm not emo!
You're right. Your brother is.

I hate my sister. The repair people won't come out to the house because Paris pranked them so many times. So I have to fix th TV. I could get electrocuted.
Well, she seems to have better things to do lately. Cry, emo kid.

Who is he?
Why don't you ask him yourself?
I couldn't! I'd be too embarrassed.
Don't let your chance go by.

Paris, you've got to get a more mature hairstyle. It attracts guys better and makes them believe you when you say you're 15.
How about this? Messy bun looks good on you.
Ugh, I look like an old slob!
No you don't.
I could do so much better.

What's that?
It's a print scanner. I remember once upon a time, Mom had one. Good memories.

Our children are sick! Listening to metal and making prank calls and drinking underage. We must act!
You realize that's your kids, right?

Shhh, I'm on the phone. Uh-huh? I am? I'm honored, thank you. Have a nice day.
That's another scholarship on the list.

Looking good!
Miss Diva? I hear someone outside the bathroom.
Hey brat! I need to pee!
Blow it out your ear, emo kid.
I hope you can fit out of the bathroom window. Manhattan's gonna kill you if you go out the door.

Things should be like that book, I forget the name, where all annoying girls should be dumped on an island and left to survive till they're ready to go to college. They're too annoying and stupid to live among real people.

Yet one of those girls just may oust you out of a very comfortable position as heir. I still have no idea who I'm going to pick. As far as people they're scouting out, the girls are in the lead. But I don't know, I still have no clue who I'm going to pick. I need help, so I appeal to the readers! Help me!
Theme Song: Wannabe - Spice Girls

Odd Pics Out:
Dude, I was going to assume you graduated from college. Maybe a philosophy major.
Our generation two couple, in the place Brooklyn and Remington once held. *sigh*


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My vote is for Manhattan... :P

jamielee said...

Fin i think this legacy is really coming along you are doing a great job. i have to say i love the couples pictures you paint what a good idea. i have always tried that but forget someone. i am not sure who should be heir. good luck.