Friday, April 11, 2008


Look at this photograph, every time I do it makes me laugh...

Hello everyone. Time for another update, yes? Of course. Now where were we?
Oh yes, Bronx just moved out. Oh by the way, he's doing well. He's married to Brandi LeTourneau, and they are expecting a little one. I hope it's cute. Now as for the main house...

Yay, I can ignore the toddlers now!

And what are you doing?
Making sure I still look good.
Wow, since when were you so vain?
Does it count as being vain if it's true?
Ugh, does no one clean this sink?
Now THAT's the Brooklyn I know and love.

Hmm, that's kinda funny. You're both at level four!

Tomorrow can't come soon enough.

And you're fit too! I'm glad.

Aw, you're both playing with uh...that one!
It's Paris. You picked out her clothing.
...I forgot?

Wow, you really take a long time to become best friends with your own children. A strange popularity sim you are.

Haven't seen you in a while. Hi Orville.

Aw, you remember you have a daughter.
I have two, and it's their birthday.
Birthdays, yay!
Paris goes first since she's the firstborn.
A halo, that's so cool!
Whoa, cool!
I'm big now!
Yay! Look at me!
...I fear we may have a diva on our hands.

Now it's Atlanta's turn.
Preety colors!
Aww, and not seeming to be a diva!

Oh come on, I had two birthdays and a jump bug to deal with!
It's okay Paris. You'll be fine, good or bad birthday.
Why in the world are you in your pajamas? Go home, Oliver.
Whatever, this isn't a slumber party. Get gone.

Good morning girls. I need to tell you apart better, and I'm not fond of the sloppy mop. To the mirror!
Do you like it, Paris?
Eh, it's okay.
How about you, Atlanta?
I like it. It's soft.
You're so nice.

I got all the kids sitting together! It'll never happen again. ...I mean it.

You're taking a bubble bath?
The bubbles are fun. And they keep my skin soft.
...Tell me you're not serious.

I'm quite interested in what you'll be.
No you're not. Nobody is. Mom and Dad are interested in their careers and Paris and 'Lanta are...girls. Only Granddad and Grandma care.
Do me a favor and don't go emo on me.

Speaking of grandma, she once again has to show off her muscled physique.
Got that right.

I love you, Granddad.
I love you too, Atlanta.
Aww, that's adorable.
This tastes funny, but kinda good.
Paris Hilton! I mean Gray! Get away from that keg! You too, Manhattan! That's it.

Skill! Skill, my minions! Muahahahahahaha!

Oh, hello Brandi! Purple is really your color.

Welcome home Pao! And congratulations!
Yay! You grow up! What's with the sour face?
This is the worst birthday ever.
I told you not to go emo on me.
Okay, what's going on?
Oh crap! Not you! Not today!
No Brooklyn, don't leave me!
Not Brooklyn!
It's okay, I've lived a long happy life.
But it was too short! Grim, go away and leave her alone!

Bye Brooklyn. *cry*
(A/N: I really cried a bit. And I realized that in the 19 months that I've played The Sims 2, this is the first adult that I've created that died of old age. It's really a sobering experience.)

Mom, I don't want a party.
It's okay. You can just grow up quietly. Even though I really wanted a party.

See? Being a teenager isn't so bad. Do you know what you want to do with your life?
Um, I guess money sounds cool...
Manhattan? Your voice is cracking.
Oh, you poor boy. My heart breaks for you.

Oh you'll love this. Where was the children's father to offer support?
Sleeping. And in Brooklyn's bed! Does this man have no shame?

He was inconsolable.
At least nobody hit the keg.
Looks like I was wrong. Move away from the pineapple, Atlanta.
But Manhattan said it'll make me feel better.
Manhattan lied. Now go inside.

Aw, you're just too darn cute.

Donuts make you fat. Finish your work.

Are you still sad?
Of course I'm sad. My grandmother just died yesterday.
I wonder why Remi's not dead yet.
You want Granddad dead too?!
No, I don't want Remi dead. Nobody else listens to me rambling, why do you?
Now that I know how much you really care about us, get me into private school. At least let me get a good education before you kill me.
I'm not killing you. You just might end up being the heir and carrying on the legacy.
Oh? You seemed really busy gushing about my sisters.
Ehh. They're cute. You were too, but boys don't like being called cute.

Welcome home Paris. You look happy.
I'm popular. Everybody loves my clothes.
Oh, that's nice. Diva.
Hi Atlanta. Was school fun?
Yes ma'am. Everybody was really nice and stuff.
You are too cute.
Hi 'Lanta.
Hi Mommy.
Hello Sydney.
Not you again.
Manhattan DOES have siblings. Two of them!

Aww, he wanted to help both of them with their homework.
I do want to know I've helped my grandchildren.

Hello? Something's broke and we need you to fix it. Nope, I just know something's broke and you have to fix it. Alright, thank you! Sucker.
Wait, you just pranked the repairman?

Sydney, that's just deplorable. I have nothing to say to you.

Enjoying your drum set Remi?
Yep. Rock on!

Good for you! Won't be long till you guys achieve your lifetime wants.
Good for you too!
Funny, I never thought I'd be a police officer, like Mom. I only wish I could've been Captain Hero before she died.

Wow, good for you Pao! And not only have you maxed your Body skill, but you've maxed all your skills!

Hi, something broke again. There was nothing broke last time? Well, something's broke this time, I see sparks and everything! Uh, the dishwasher, that's it! Uh-huh. You'll be over in the morning? Okay. Sucker.
You realize that you're costing the family money, right?

Look at this body! Adonis had nothing on me.
Well, I see where Paris got her diva genes from.

My pancakes!
Didn't that just happen last week?

Aw man! Come on, his hygiene is impeccable! Most of the time.

Hello Mr. Gray.
Uh, hi? Nice to meet you.
Now shall we commence the tour?
Tour? What tour?
I want to see your house, to see if your children are worthy of association with our institution.
I don't want my children in an institution.
Our private school, sir.
OH! Well, okay, come with me.

Now? Today? Grim, you really have the worst timing.
Not Granddad too! Are you happy now?
Didn't I already say I didn't want him dead?

*sigh* Not again. At least he left money. Does that make you feel better, Manhattan?

Alright everyone, calm down.

Congratulations Mrs. Gray. Despite the lack of communication and a man dying in front of me, your children have been accepted. I remember you.
I went to Coast Academy myself.
Hey Manhattan, you're in.
That's nice.
You look happy.
My grandfather died two hours ago. I'm in mourning.
...I'm not even going to bother.

Bye Brooklyn and Remington. Bye generation one. You two were great.
Goodbye, goodbye...

*sigh* Well, now I've got a problem. That of an heir. I've got either almost-emo Manhattan, diva trickster Paris, or all-around nice girl Atlanta. Then we've got college and scholarships and lifetime wants. And I've caught up to the Holldums! Whoo!
See you all next week.

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Ang said...

I'm really sad about Brooklyn dying...I'm gonna miss her and her hand sanitizer!!!! Her kids and grandkids just aren't as fun or funny as she is/was. I want Atlanta to be heir. Paris and Manhattan piss me one wants a glory hog or a cry baby!!!

Melissa said...

Ditto what Ang said about Atlanta.