Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bouncin' Back

I wade through the muck and grime of glitches to bring you another update! Let's see what's going on.
Oh hello Pao.

Very nice. But are you unhappy about something?
No, I'm thrilled.
You're not smiling.
That doesn't mean I'm unhappy.
...Normal people smile.

Morning, love.
Good morning, Sydney.

Oh it's okay. Your parents still love you. They're just busy.

Thanks Dad! Remember to keep him changed.
Sydney, where are you going?
*smacks head* Why do I even ask?

You look happy. I see you finished studying cleaning.
Oh. Um, Bronx? To avoid looking like a voyeur, I suggest you stop smiling and move.

Finally! It's about time. I hope it sells well too.
Hey, I think that's good.
Okay, that IS good.
And you have a masterpiece too. Wait a minute, stop stealing Brooklyn's thunder!

Alright! I rock! I really could be mayor!
Awesome Sydney!
You were right about me having a great future in politics. Yay!

Uh, red?

Welcome home. Good for you.

Yay! Manny grows up!

Take your kid. I'm tired of babysitting duty.
It's okay Manny, your uncle is just a meanie.
Well I'm not arguing. He did kick you in the face. Possibly why your forehead is so big.
[insert gratuitous cheering here]
Let's blow out the candles!
You're such a good boy! And all grown up!

Wonderful. Now I need a few things to happen. Pao, change him into some real clothes.
Can do.
Much better. Now I need him to glow. Take care of that.
Why do I feel like a slave?
You'll get over it.
Thank you Pao.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Psst, Sydney, you want another baby?
Alright, let me explain. No, that's too long. Let me sum up. This is not a democracy.
Thank you Sydney.
Come on, this is the fun part.

Good job Sydney! Sydney?
*slurred* C'n even lemme sleep? *snore*
Night, Sydney. And thank you. I need choices.

But of course toddlers don't sleep.
So Remi, like the good grandpa he is, helps me take care of them.
Oooh, you okay, Remi?
Just my back. I'll be okay.
Oh, okay.

And what are you doing?
Getting a job.
Nothing. What kind of job are you getting?
I'm becoming a doctor. Well, a nurse for now.
Bronx, you're the poster boy for International Male, and you're cleaning up other people's bodily fluids. There's something inherently funny about that.
What's International Male?
Forget I mentioned it.

Awesome! Thank you Remi.

Not again... how about you stop getting jobs?
I may... I just may.
Whatcha lookin at? Brooklyn? Brooklyn?

Oh good, you came out of your stupor! Thank you Brooklyn!
Sydney? You okay?
What do you think? *retch*
I'll take that as a yes.
You're flying!

Say "Mama."
Mom, he said my name!
You do realize that in a year, you'll wish y'never did that, right?
Brooklyn, stop being such a downer. That's wonderful Sydney.
Okay, hold on Marisa. Come on Manny, say Mama.
Oh, not my pancakes!
Bronx, what are you doing?
The dishwasher's broken and I'm fixing it.
You only have 3 mechanical points.
Oh, I'll be fine.
Well, if you do get electrocuted, I get a nice yellow ghost...
What about ghosts?
Nothing! Nothing at all.
I'm telling you, my kid can talk. No, he didn't talk for you, but you know how people don't do things or do them badly when they think others are watching them...
Mama, go' potty.
I know you heard that! Oh come on, that was really loud!
Mama, potty!

Great, you're almost a celeb chef! Oh and hi Christy!
Christy! How are you?
Just fine, hello Bronx.
Aww, and you are now the best of friends. How sweet.

Alright, ya little brat.

You might as well look Sydney. That'll be you in 40 years or so.

And nobody can resist the cuteness. Except maybe Bronx.
Not even his distant father.

Anyway, here's where I figured out that the lot broke again. Whoops? So after a clean re-install of the lot, I found this:

Um, Remi? I think Bronx has been able to use the toilet on his own for a while now. ...That means you leave.
What is this? Sydney and Pao being romantic? This is why I don't show them being romantic: it never happens.
Okay, now I know I'm in The Twilight Zone. Pao forgets for long stretches of time that he has a child. This stretch is not long enough.

And then Mr. Toilet said, "I will always be hungry!"
Hahahaha! Funny Daddy!
Wow, he actually knows his father isn't Bronx.

Remi, what are you doing?
Oh yeah, you've never seen him doing this before.
Yarr! You walk the plank, me matey!
He does this when he's bored. This was how he kept himself occupied while you were at work.
Remi, I have a better way to keep you occupied.
Yeah, I'll bet.

Ah, not again!
Why don't you carry this baby yourself if you're so excited?
...Because I don't want stretch marks?

Bye Bronx. Have fun on cleanup duty.
Why must you pick at me constantly?
It's fun. Hurry up or you'll miss your carpool.

Wow, I wonder why that didn't happen earlier.

Uh, the sporks, no the processor, no the sporks. I said the sporks!
Now look what you did! I said the sporks!

Now to let you all in on a little secret: here's where the lot broke so bad that I had to install University to figure out the problem. The problem was this:
Why are all you people on my lot?
*in unison* You called a repairman?
I called ONE repairman, not 194! (Seriously, I counted. By the way, thanks again Kethwyn! And I might be as fond of this family as you are of your Holldums, so I was happy to save them.) You all gotta go. Bye bye.

Oh hello you two.
Why am I home?
I want to go shopping.
Welcome to the world of higher education and lifetime wants. I wasn't expecting it to be during Brooklyn's lifetime though. Looks like Remi was right. Now let's get you two different jobs.
You know, you caused a lot of trouble, woman.
I don't have to answer to you.
No, but I can delete you. So watch it.

You know, I'm about as sad to see him grow up as I was to see Sam grow up.

Hi, I'm Bronx.
Hey, I'm Brandi.
Your hair looks like a smokestack.
*facepalm* We have got to teach you some basic social skills.
Uh, yeah. All I have to say is, like father, like son. It's almost funny.

Wow. I haven't seen you clean in so long, I forgot you were a neat freak.
Well, it seems like no one else cares that the sink is filthy.
But I don't see anything.

Yay, another birthday!

Yeah, go figure. Never would've thought he'd want to be mayor.

[insert gratuitous cheering here]
[and here]
Come on, give him some room.

Yay, happy birthday to you! But I need to change that hair. I didn't like it on your uncle and I don't like it on you. To the mirror!
I like that much better. Very slick.

Good to know I haven't broken my Good Time streak.
Sleep well Manhattan. Enjoy school tomorrow.

Speaking of kids, the rest of generation 3 decided to make an appearance now.
Help! Pao, the baby's coming!
I can't deal with this! I'm gonna have a heart attack! Brooklyn!
Oh my!
Help me or go away!
Wait, what? NATURAL twins? I've never had natural twins!
Aww, it's cute.
It's a she.
Aww, she's cute.
Yes, Bronx heard her through the wall. But this is how he decided to spend the birth of his nieces. I guess he took my advice from Manhattan's birth to heart.
Pao, hold the baby, I don't feel so good.
Observant readers will notice the absence of one more person.
Whoa! What's going on?
That would be the birth of this baby's twin.
Yeah, twin.
It's cute, though, you must admit.
Both of them? Okay then.
Yeah, and he didn't see what the big fuss was about.
Welcome to the Legacy Challenge, Paris and Atlanta Gray. And that's it for generation 3. I pray.
Natural twins! *squee*
Manhattan, you have two baby sisters! How do you feel?
Uh, I don't know.
Normal reaction for a six-year-old.
I don't want any sisters!
That would be a normal reaction for a six-year-old too. As long as he doesn't try to maim them, like I did.

And what would the Grays be if not totally inappropriate? Pao, I think that should be confined to your bedroom. You know, away from your six-year-old son.

Come on, burp for me.
Alright, which one is that?
This one is Atlanta.
How do you know?
Paris has a tanned skintone, like me. Atlanta is light-skinned, like her father.
So I can assume you have Paris?

You can be sure that even though we have two very demanding babies now, your father and I will not forget about you. Now remember when you come home from school tomorrow, be sure to ask him for help if you need it.
Why can't I ask you Mommy?
Mommy has to study to get promotions.
Sure, she won't forget about you. She did a long time ago.

Sleep tight, Manny. And your mother does love you, she just has her priorities mixed up.

Good morning, Brooklyn. Give me your hand.
*gasp* You're lucky Sydney loves you, or you'd be dead right now.
Look young man, I dunno if you thought that was s'posed to be funny or not, but it wasn't. And if you do that ever again, there will be serious consequences.
That's right, Brooklyn!
Look woman, it was a joke. Don't poke me like that.
Don't you put your hands on my founder!

Sydney, your husband's harassing your mother.
She can handle herself. Hi, I'm Sydney.
Hello, I'm Ivy.
Look at this cool doohickey I bought!
It's called a cell phone. Man, am I glad I don't have to worry about money.

I'm not very happy with you.
Thank you for the congratulations. I feel wonderful about my promotion.
*eye roll* Who are you waving at?
Not you again.
Hi! I'm Marsha.
I know very well who you are, demon spawn.
Does Manhattan have any siblings?
Yeah, but they're too young for you to meet.

Even now.

It's another birthday!
Get ready...
And we have a toddler!
Paris is a cutie!
And now it's Atlanta's turn.
She's adorable too.

Thanks for helping me with my homework, Dad.
No problem, son.
Okay, you're moving off my hit list. And Manny can do something fun before he sleeps. But of course toddlers have insomnia.

Please don't scream. Someone get these kids!
Grandma to the rescue!
Thanks a million Brooklyn.
Whew, you reek, Bronx.
I know.

And they zip through the toddler skills. Ah, the power of smartmilk. Yeah, I forgot to get Brooklyn teaching... one of them to talk.

And teaching the oldest to study has paid off. Good for you Manny!

And look he's best friends with someone.
Wait, one more skill for this week.

And what are you doing this time?
Getting the heck out of Dodge.
You're leaving?
Yep. Too noisy.
Bye Uncle Bronx. Can I have your room?
Sure, kid. Brat...
You know, you could've waited for him to leave before asking your mother that.Well, Bronx, I won't be following you, so good luck out of the legacy house.
Thanks. Bye.
...I kinda miss him already.

Now I have three choices for a generation 3 heir. I hope this isn't too hard. And now that I think about it, Brooklyn and Remi have been around for a looong time. And while I hate to say goodbye to them, it IS about time. Let's see if they can hang on another week, and if I can get them to platinum before their death. And if my neglectful generation two parents will pay more attention to their kids. Find out next week!

Theme Song: Mystikal - Bouncin' Back


Melissa said...

Nice to see them back! I love reading about your legacy. The naming theme you've chosen is one of my favorites. =)