Monday, April 21, 2008

College: The First Frontier

Welcome back! An exciting thing will take place this week! Obviously, since I put it in the title. Our oldest of generation 3 will be our first to go to college! Yay!

In the meantime:
Nice ride!
Yeah. Being a judge has its advantages.

Congratulations. I didn't know you had violin lessons.
I was embarrassed to say till I got better.

Oh my God! Paris, are you okay?
Please don't die! I don't think I can take another death!
Well, she's still sitting upright, so I'm going to assume she's not dead.
Paris, are you okay? Answer me!
Look at me. Just look at me, 'Lanta. Do I look okay to you?
Now, no need to be snappy with your sister. She was worried about you.
Is she going to be okay?
She'll be fine. We have to get her a shower and salvage what's left of her hair.

Before you start yelling, this was all I could salvage of your hair.
I'm just glad I'm not bald.
Hmmm... maybe the shock scrambled your brain. I'm not complaining. Why were you taking a screwdriver to the computer anyway?
It was broken. And the repairman won't come to the house anymore.
I see. I will venture that your days of pranking are over. But that's still unacceptable.

Wow. You move so fast, it's amazing. Anyway, your daughter electrocuted herself.
Is she okay?
Well, yeah...
Okay then. Where's dinner?
She electrocuted herself because the repairman won't cone to the house.
I'll rectify that right now.
And if I don't see this computer fixed in 24 hours, I'll send the Better Business Bureau after you and get you all shut down for good. Yes. I'm glad I made myself clear. Thank you. Have a good night.

Hi Remi! Yeah, I'm sad that you're dead too.
Aw, you're out together. Inseparable, even in death.
Okay, now you're creeping me out.

Did you see that too? I'm getting out of here.
I thought you wanted that cleaning scholarship.
Not that bad.
$3000 in scholarships? Thank you. Thank you very much! That'll be enough.
Are you sure you want to go?
Well, let's see. We're talking about either staying in a house with two distant parents and two sisters, one of whom is a ditz and the other that is a total smart-aleck, two ghosts that apparently needed a bath before they died, appliances and plumbing that break every day, and a high school that I'm more than ready to graduate from, or taking my high school degree and going to college, where I can get a jump start on my career, meet new people, and make money while having fun. There's a point there, I should stick around--of course I want to go!
Taking lessons from Paris, huh?
See ya, ghosts.
But those ghosts are your grandparents.
When you figure out to communicate intelligently with a ghost, call me. Until then, I'm going to college.
Bye Manhattan. It's kinda wrong leaving in the middle of the night. Your parents are gonna freak.
Riiiiiiight. See ya.
Okay, I couldn't let my first little trooper go forgotten. Not yet anyway.
This is him arriving. He's such a little man. *giggle*
Sure wasn't much to look at.
True, but that isn't the point of a dorm.
That's when I asked you when I could get my own place.
And I told you that rules say all freshmen must stay in a dorm. So you had to get comfortable and we'd talk next year.
And since you want to be a doctor so badly, you declared the biology major.

Who's your friend?
Her name's Brooklyn.
...Come again?
I said her name's Brooklyn.
But there's only one Brooklyn, and that's your grandmother.
Well, her parents didn't get the message.
Your sister did call quite a bit, didn't she?
Yeah, but she's excited about college. Or the guys. That's mostly what she ends up steering the conversation to.

Oooh, cheerleader.
Boooo-ring. She sucked!
Manhattan Gray, that is not nice!
I'm not exactly a nice person.
That darn coach.
Oh, I can do a perfect imitation! Ahem. *bad Scottish accent* "Look at ya, boy! You're practically a tub of lard! Get out there and do some sit-ups!"
And I said, "Whatever you say, old man," and kept eating.

But that's not the biggest news, is it Manny?
Nope. The biggest news is that I started a Greek house. And I already have two members. Should be enough to keep it open till the brats get to college.
Of course one member is this usurper Brooklyn.
And this is my other guy, Satveer.
Oh yeah, this is the one that was staring at you showering.
I thought we weren't going to mention that. His culture just has different customs.
Different customs my foot. I didn't know you invited him to move in with you. Just be glad I was too shocked to snap a picture of the shower thing. But seriously, he wants in your pants.
This conversation is over.
Fine. I've got an even better story anyway.

Seems our boy got his hands on a counterfeiting machine.
Oh, not that one...
Oh yes.
I told him it was probably a bad idea, but he said he wanted money and this machine made him money so he was using it.
So he set it up and started cranking out simoleons, laughing like a madman the whole time.
He did get a fair amount of money from it.

But he didn't plan on getting ratted out.
I think it was one of Brooklyn's friends. She can't keep her mouth shut and they probably called the police on me.
Either way, you got fined, you couldn't pay, and Kauker decided to repossess some property to cover the fee.

And I had just gotten that bed.
So yeah, I got busted printing money.
I'd never gotten in trouble with the police. I was a good kid, so I took it kinda hard.

It's not like you actually learned your lesson.
Yes I did. I learned to be more careful.
Not the lesson you were supposed to learn...
And now back to your regularly scheduled mayhem.
Look! My hair is growing back!
I see. I'm glad for you.

I don't know. I've never seen this one before. But they didn't catch the guy. But they're still good sergeants...Eh, yell loudly.
Ack! Oh come on, I worked long and hard for that point!

It's okay, Sydney. They're just knuckleheads. Think about this: they probably got fired.
I just didn't want anyone mad at me!
You've got to throw the book sometimes. It's the workplace.
Oh, and you're getting old soon.
Oh yeah, I didn't think about that. Can I still be Captain Hero even if I'm old?
Sure. Just remember your Ben-Gay. Just kidding. As long as you don't get fired, I don't see a problem. Just get some sleep. It'll be better in the morning.

My hair's even longer!
You've almost completely grown your hair back.
Thank goodness. I looked hideous with short hair.
Good to see you haven't essentially changed...*sarcasm* ...diva.
Sydney, it's birthday time.
Still excited, I see. I was worried after last week.
Do you see something out there?
Yeah, your dad decided to come celebrate with you.

I can't believe I'm getting old before Pao.
Yeah, it happens. Don't worry, he won't be long behind you.
Owowowowow! Feels like someone's try to pull my spine out with a pair of pliers.
Now that sounds painful. I hear that if you exercise, it minimizes pain. Try bending back.
When did it get so hard to bend? Are those stars?
No, that's confetti. Congrats Syd, you're done.
That's it? Not so bad as I thought.
I might even get some fun out of it!
If I know you Sydney, you'll make some fun out of it. But first, your hair is no longer black. You have to accept that. This way, please.

There we go. No significant change.
Just white, not black. You okay with it?
Awesome! I still look great, like Mom!
Yes you do.

Aw, you two look cute.
And I can still move like I used to!
She's right about that.
So what have you been learning in college, Manny?
Oh, all kinds of stuff. We'll be dissecting aliens senior year.
Ugh! Sounds awful.
It's what you study when you want to be a doctor. I'm assuming you won't be a bio major.
You're kidding me!
Oh well. It went well, and a roof raiser at that. In your face, Love!
Sorry. Night, Syd.

Pao isn't too far behind her in age, so we'll probably see him catch up with his wife next week. The twins might also go to college. I don't remember their age right now. And after all this craziness, we will see who will win the title of generation three heir. See you next week!