Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I apologize in advance for the inordinate abundance of pictures. A lot happened this week, and I mean a lot. Now if nothing happened last week and I got 100 photos, you can only imagine this week. So, I apologize now.

Sydney Gray
Generation 2 Heiress
Aspiration: Popularity
Star Sign: Libra

Let's get back to that party and see what happened.

Alright, go Sydney! You're getting better and better at these parties!

I still wish the police weren't so pissy about it. It was only 11:00! No teenager goes to bed at 11.
I know, but rules are rules.

At least it gave me a chance to spend some time with my brother. He taught me how to play chess.
That's nice. I wonder if he cheated.

Wow, Brooklyn, you're on a roll! That's five skills.
Good thing too. I don't know how much longer I'm for this world.
Don't talk like that. You just aged days ago.
Days for you, years for me.

Hey! Remember to vote for me in the elections! I wish Dad would get off my back about getting married. I'll get married when I feel the time is right.
Just one day I'd like to not get held up by her. Just one day.

Now I'm thankful she wasn't like this as an adult. I'd be up to my armpits in Gen 2 babies by now.

Well, looks like you had a good day.
Any day I am recognized for my genius is a good day.
Narcissistic much?

Wow, good days all around.
They voted me into Congress. I. Am. Awesome.
And apparently narcissism runs in the family.

Oh Brooklyn! It's been so long since I've seen you. I have to tell you what happened when I ran into that poser Sandy the other day...
That's nice, dear.
Melissa might as well stop. It's a conditioned response.

I never thought my suitcase would be so heavy. I wonder if a lawyer's suitcase is so heavy.
Not till Seasons.
Not you, her.
Her who?
...You can't hear her?
Sydney, I can't hear anyone. Are you alright?
Sorry, forgot to tell you Syd: only people living in this house can hear me.
So now you've got him thinking I'm crazy because you forgot to tell me only we can hear you. Thanks a lot.
You're not helping by continuing to talk to me.
Sorry about that. Now as I was saying-
Um, Syd?
You're standing very close to me.

What's wrong? I always stand this close to you. Is this because I'm an adult now? I'm just a little taller, and I've got boobs, but I'm no different.
Um, yeah, I-uh, I noticed.

Oh come on, what are you acting so shy about?
I just think that this is hardly appropriate-
What? Appropriate?
We're probably right in your father's line of sight.
Oh? If he's spying, he can catch an eyeful of this.

Why is Sydney getting her first kiss now? Oh yeah, I had InTeen installed.

Don't worry, I won't go into a bad rendition of a love song. People might actually hear me this time.

I'm surprised that Bronx can max his skills and keep up a high GPA at the same time.
Very interesting dear.
By the way, yes, they were in his line of sight, but he was occupied as you see.

Speaking of skills, congrats Bronx! You will still be amenable to using the telescope, right?
Of course.
Don't worry about it Remi.

We support the green movement.
What!? Oh come on, we worked hard for those points!
Bronx has a friend. And it's male!
I'm tired.
...I'm sorry?
I said I'm tired.
No, I meant that I am sorry that you're tired.
...Oh. I think I'll take a shower.

How YOU doin'?
That was awfully quick for a shower.

What is this? Brooklyn, you actually look... sheepish. Embarrassed, even! With all the crap you and Remi pull, I'm shocked.
We keep our uh, "escapades" confined to the house. Sydney, on the other hand, seems to want to flaunt her relationships to the world.
Well, she is a human being. I'd be more worried about Bronx than what the world will think of Sydney. He seems to have no libido.
He's found the pure joy of learning.
You've found the love of a man as well.
Can we not talk about that here?

Oh my!
Sydney, as much as you're (and I'm) reveling in flaunting your adulthood, I don't want any heart attacks. I don't want the visitor death hit.
And your boyfriend looks like he needs air.

Ow! That hurt! What'd you do that for? You're no better than my brother!
Yeah, what'd you do that for? Actually Sydney, I think the only people worse than Bronx are Komei Tellerman and Joe Carr.
Who're they?
Uh-oh. Nobody!
Syd, I needed air! I couldn't get your attention normally! I really am sorry!
Now how do I fix this one? I may have to watch out for this man. Syd, he probably did that so he could take a breath. You can't blame him for wanting to live, right?
I guess. And now that I think I've seen the worst he will do, and he was sorry, it's time.
Time? Time for what?

Cross your fingers for me.
Pao Mellon, I love you like nobody's business. I've greatly treasured our friendship, and I'd like up to move on in life together.
That's...nice, Syd.
So, will you marry me?
Well, I'm a fool, but I didn't see that coming.
Syd, I just don't know. Your father would have my head if he knew.
Dad will find out anyway, and I don't care what he says...Please?
Oh what the heck. Decorum and Remington be-
I'll marry you, girl!
Congratulations you two!
Now that we are in the throes of pre-wedded bliss, how about we skip the formalities and get you two hitched?
Only if I can throw a party.
Alright, I'll call the caterer.
And I'll take care of the moving.
...Who IS she talking to? Syd? Where are you going?

Are you ready?
Not at all. But when are we ever ready for a change this big?
You change your mind?
Not a chance. Besides, Remington would hurt me more if I left you at the altar.
I'm telling you, Dad doesn't care.
Can we get on with the ceremony please?
Alright, alright.
Sydney, who are you talking to?
*sigh* He'll be able to hear you after this right?
Clear as a bell.
Fine. Pao, ask me again in five minutes.

Remi doesn't look angry at all. Looks like the next-generation husband had nothing to worry about. Um, Brooklyn? The ceremony is this way.

Now it's time to party!

Do I really want to know why you're taking a bath in our tub?

Awesome! The first roof-raiser in the house. I heard the woo-hoo quick tip, but Brooklyn and Remi actually wanted to interact with people.
Congratulations on your fantabulous party, Sydney.
I like that word. I'm using it from now on.
My first roof-raiser! Um, "our" first roof-raiser.
Syd, we're gonna be late!
Wait for me!
In case you were wondering, she made it.

After the honeymoon:
Syd, what'd you leap into my arms for?
You're supposed to carry me across the threshold, silly!
That's a fairytale. Besides, doesn't work so well when the house is willed to you.
Aww, you're no fun.
Syd, get down. I need to borrow him for a bit.
Who said that?
Oh yeah, he hasn't heard me yet. I'm the voice Syd's been talking to.
So you've been talking to a disembodied voice this whole time?
She's just been there. My whole life. It's not so strange when you've been born in the house.
I'll take your word for it.

Nothing against you, but I had to change your look. I did this to Remi too.
They weren't married when they moved here?
Nope, Brooklyn moved here alone. Remi was her maid. Funny, isn't it? You're not the first one plucked out of NPC-ness.
So, how is it?
Never thought it would be my style, but it's ok. what?
I'd like to learn another skill.
If I can find something you're NOT maxed on...body works. Knock yourself out, champ.

Wow, and fit already! Remi could take a page from you.

Not new.
New. Weren't you cheering them on at some point?
I was? Ewww.
Oh, get over it.

It's about time we consummated our marriage.
I'm definitely up for consummation.
Let me turn around first.
Thank you.
I love those doodads. Wait a minute, I heard no chimes. What gives? Your mom was fertile ground. And I guess Remi had something to do with it.
Got me. I'm not necessarily complaining, even though having a child might be nice sometime in the future.
Having a child is better right now.

And where do you think you're going?
But I need Sydney pregnant! Come on, you want a kid!
How'd you know?
As far as you're concerned, I'm God.
Crap, I'm gonna be late if I keep standing here. Bye God.
You're being smart, aren't you?

I'm buff and fit!
Good boy Bronx. I'd move out of the bathroom for special moments like this. Especially when there's a yucky bathtub behind you.

Skill six! You're almost done, Brooklyn!
I know. Now just to learn how to cook better.
You've been spoiled, having Remi, Grade A chef around.

And there's our replacement. Hi Sheldon!

Holy moly, a family meal.

Oh good, you're home. I'd like Sydney with child before sunset.
Man, you're a taskmaster.
Yes I am. And before I forget:

Pao (Mellon) Gray
Generation 2 Spouse
Aspiration: Popularity
Star Sign: Leo

I feel very out of place.
When you're sitting between two knowledge sims, everyone feels out of place.

Yay! I'd tell Sydney to get ready for another party, but she's busy. Might as well let her enjoy it, since she'll never get another night quite like this again.

Finally the chimes. After six tries! That's serious. Good thing you aren't family.

Oh, she's awake now. Sydney? Nevermind. Hello generation 3. Wow, this is the farthest I've ever gotten with a legacy.

You make a possibly pregnant woman exercise?
Brooklyn did while she was pregnant.
Mom actually likes sweating! I don't! Nobody wants to hang around a stinky, sweaty person.
Well, Syd, it's either that or-
Again? I don't remember Brooklyn getting this sick.
You know, there's no need to slam doors in my face.

Hmm. Brooklyn with a book, Sydney with a magazine. I'm sure that this could have far-reaching implications, but I'm too lazy to find them.
Done as in, you've finished maxing your last skill?
Yes. Ask me anything.
I believe you. Awesome!

Syd? Are you okay? ...Is it my breath?
No, she's pregnant. Thanks.

Can I assume you're okay?
Can't you tell by the food flying everywhere?

Speaking of food, congrats my man! And there's Christy! I never see her in other neighborhoods!

Alright, Bronx, no more homework and getting handcuffed for sneaking out! You're growing up to adult in the next 24 hours! How do you feel?
Okay, I guess. I have to get a job, don't I?
Maybe. If you don't die first.
What was that?
I'll get the party guests!
Another Gray party begins. And what is a Gray party without inappropriate dancing? Remi, move away from your son.
Wow, that's a sour face.
These aren't MY friends, these are Sydney's friends. Sophie and Tosha and Alvin, those are MY friends.
And they are mysteriously missing. Well, Christy isn't a friend of any of them, if it makes you feel better.
Who's Christy?
The one in the bathing suit.
I don't see anyone in a bathing suit.
That's cause you're busy glaring at your sister.

Just make a wish, sourpuss.
Fine, I wish that Sydney would stop using me as an excuse to throw parties.
Hopefully when you become an adult, you'll stop caring. I don't want all this animosity around a pregnant woman.

Why is the floor sparkling?
Just go with it, Bronx. It makes things a lot easier.
A white suit? I never bought that!
Who cares? I still look good in it.
For once, I won't argue with you. I actually agree.
Wow, your nose is big.
Shut up.

Bronx Gray
Generation 2 spare heir
Aspiration: Knowledge
Star Sign: Gemini

What is it, Sydney?
I'm dressed in this horrible combination and I look like I drink beer.
That's called pregnancy. Maybe Bronx was right about you being a drama queen.

Get down with your bad selves!
Oh get over it. If I have my way, both of you will be in that position yourselves.

Party over.
And it was still a good time. In your face, Kauker! Hey, where's Sydney?
Oh. Good night Syd.

Now Bronx, come here.
An adult doesn't just go around with a hat on his head all the time. He usually has nice hair, and you have some nice hair hidden under this hat. See?
Thanks. I look even better. I could pick up any chick.
Oh my God, he thinks about women. There might be hope for you yet. Your parents want me to help you. Badly. How about that Christy lady?
What? Christy?
You didn't see her the entire time? Oh boy. Pao, do me a favor and call up Christy.
You didn't do that all through childhood, and you wanna play in the tub now? Get out of there.

Uh, hi. I'm Bronx.
I know, I was at your party.
You were? Wow, she was right.
Told ya.
Who was right?
Um, the lady, told me you were there.
Just let her think that.
Wow, I love your hair, it's so shiny.
Thanks. I guess it runs in the family.
...Was the joke that funny?
Let's ask an expert.
Pao, was the joke that funny?
No, it's never that funny, but a big laugh always makes the joker like you more.
And there you have it.
Well, I like your hair too.
Really? Thank you.

Eastern Eats! I love Chinese.
$10000? Thank you so much.

Why is she hanging over my shoulder?
Sydney, it's time for a shower. You're creeping your mother out.

Hey I think the baby's coming!
Why are you naked? Get a towel or something!
Oh, I guess not. I just look like I'm growing watermelons in my stomach.

*sigh* Get over it Christy. Finally someone who won't bat an eye. Although he's staring a bit intently. Remi? Remi?

Huh? Why in the world did you get a job, Brooklyn?
You had the novel to keep you busy.
Not busy enough.
For that you should've never retired.
Gross as usual.
Bye Brooklyn.
Back already? That was quick. A promotion too? Great.
I still got it.

Bronx? When did you two move to the hot tub?
Oh, not you Christy.

I think that means we have our first child of generation 3.
Whoa, what's that screeching noise?
Bronx, if I were you, I'd leave. Now.
Sydney, is it really that bad?
Daddy, make it stop.
I don't know what to do! Ask your mother.
Mommy, make it stop.
I'm sorry Sydney, but this is something you have to endure on your own.
Another one with the Gray eyes! But with brown hair. Boy or girl?

And everyone gets a baby doodad. Wait a minute, where's Bronx?
Oh. You weren't there a moment ago.
My sweet boy.
Food time!
Bed time!
Sydney, that room is a blinding shade of yellow.
It's not blinding, it's cheery.
Why's it so bright in here?
Sleep well, Manhattan.
*tries to avoid Manhattan jokes*
Oh you're up! Upsy daisy!

He'd better not even be thinking about getting me pregnant again. I had enough trouble with Manny.
Nickname already?

Where are you going?
You just gave birth last night.
I feel fine.
Wait. Why am I arguing with you? I think you just do it to get out of the house.

How'd I get stuck with baby duty?
Think of it as practice.
For what? I'm not having kids.
If I can help it you are.
Gross, he let another load out.

Awesome. Call me your honor.
You wish.

Well, that's it for this week. Am I even going to bother trying to get her pregnant again, after the trouble I had last time? Will Bronx *gasp* start a relationship with Christy or even get married, forcing him to move out to make room for heirs and heiresses? Will Brooklyn ever finish that novel so I can get Sydney started on hers? Tune in for some answers next week!
Theme song: Celebration - Kool and the Gang


Rubywyld said...

Too funny, I love how you and your sims carry on discussions that no family can't hear!

Kerry said...

Yeah, Bronx might finally get somewhere! I like Christy Stratton. Aw, Manny is cute. Congrats on Gen. 3!