Friday, February 8, 2008

Call Me

I swear, nothing happened this week except birthdays, yet I have 100 pictures. What in the world? You'd think I'd figure out how to take less pictures now. Anyway, on with the update!

Hello you two. Bronx, you wanted to play with your sister? I'm shocked.
He said he wanted to test his reflexes.
I really just wanted a way to hit her and get away with it.

Syd, it looks like Mom might be a little busy.

Yeah, she fell right for it, but she won't let me in the bathroom. I kinda wonder where Mom is anyway, but I don't even know if she woke up yet.
So she could be dead and you're not checking?
I'm on the phone.

Still busy.
Very busy. I'll be back later.

Don't you have skill points to earn?
Don't you see I'm eatin' breakfast with my husband?
That never stopped you before.
Good thing you maxed that, huh?
You know, just because there are no other houses in the neighborhood does not mean that no one will come over here to slap you silly. Okay, today has been so sickeningly sweet I'm climbing the walls, so I'll be back later.

Yes, I'm happy they won the Sim Bowl too, even though their other quarterback was cuter. Don't make that noise, I said I'm happy the other ones won.
Syd! Come on! You know the bus won't leave unless you're on it.
Shut up twerp, I can't hear!

Sorry Bronx. Your parents are trying to forget they have teenage children.
Oh, they'll be fine.

Oh, I'm so proud of you Brooklyn!
Bye Brooklyn! Beat up lots of bad guys!
See, I'd go into law enforcement if I could learn to fly.
Please tell me how you managed to catch the flu.
Well, that last one was complaining the whole time, but I thought he was trying to pull one over on me.
Well, I guess that was reasonable.

Well, I think you're really really pretty, Tosha.
Okay, you're improving, but you realize I can't age Tosha up, right? You'll have to find another squeeze once you become an adult.
*cough* Ugh, that's gross! Where's the sink?
Behind you. Please don't cough on anything else or anyone.
I may drown, but you'll never keep Davey Jones down!

Aww. Must be a Saturday. The family that skills together... but where's Sydney?
And why am I not surprised?
So, yeah, who's your new girlfriend? But she has a boyfriend! Of course that doesn't matter to you, but I'd think it mattered to them.

Hi, I'm Sydney. Who are you?
Oh, I'm Pao Mellon. I'm a friend of your father's.
I was reading about this thing called "meteorology." In other places, water actually falls from the sky! Can you imagine it?
Hmm, I've never seen that happen around here. Sounds like an interesting myth.
Well, you definitely won't be around to see that happen.
What was that?
Oh, my mom says not to pay her any mind.

Speaking of your mother, she was nice enough to max mechanical for me.
Brooklyn, are you done yet?
With my third skill, yes.
I'm proud of you.
Oh, this feels nice.
And everything I do, I do it for you.
That was so romantic, Remi.
Oh, I can be even more romantic than that.
Back in the sack?
We'd both appreciate it greatly if you left the room.
Fine. By the way, you two get old in two days.
Oh my God, Remi, we're gonna be old for real!
*evil grin*

Okay Bronx, this is getting scary. You haven't talked to anyone in a long time.
I just talked to Tosha Friday.
And since then? It's Saturday night.
It is?
I'm going to have to stage an intervention soon. Skillaholics Anonymous.

Good afternoon, Remi. Let's have one more pain-free roll in the hay.
Fine by me!
Am I the only one who thinks there's something wrong with that statement? Whatever. So while Brooklyn revels in the joy of menopause,
Sydney meets someone new,
who makes an instant beeline for the pool. It's getting a bit ridiculous.
And Bronx is actually having a conversation with someone. Maybe no intervention is needed after all?
Hey Sophie. How are you? Oh, I'm fine, been practicing the piano lately. Mom says I've gotten really good. Are you still selling essays during lunch? No, I'm not buying, but I think I know someone who'd be interested.
Nevermind. I blame this on Remi.

Sydney, you look just like your mother. You've grown into a beautiful woman.
Really? Thanks dad!
And Brooklyn has packed away skill number four. Wow, you're really on the go.
It's the weekend. I can afford to do that.

This is just to show that I don't just make Bronx fix things.
Why not? He actually broke it this time!
He's busy. You do this, I let you throw your parents' birthday parties.
She's so easy to bribe.

Alright, Sydney, make the calls; I'll get the cakes.
Hi, Pao? Yeah, this is Sydney. Dad's having his birthday, and I thought you might want to attend his party and watch him wrinkle right before your eyes.
Sydney, there are so many, much better ways to day that.
You will come? Great! Okay, bye. Uh, I'll do it better next time.

Who's the birthday cake for?
You. You're transitioning tonight.
But I don't want to get old! I'll have to take Ben-Gay to play in the bathtub.
Maybe, maybe not. Another sim I know played in the tub right up to the day he died.

Let the party begin!
It amuses me how you two are barely civil to each other one day, and dancing together the next. I understand; I have a younger sister.
And we never danced that close. Extricate yourselves now.
*hysterical laughing*
Um, dude? Really, it wasn't that funny.

Make a wish, Brooklyn.
Why not? I wish that I can learn everything there is to know before I die.
You don't?
No Bronx, I don't.
I forgot how fun a birthday party can be.

Why am I levitating?
Calm down, it'll be over in a minute.
*giggle* That tickles!
That should be the least of your concerns.
Hey, what happened to my chest?
Got me. What I want to know is why you have brown hair.
I got no clue, but I'm not complainin'!
I am, and my word is final. We need to change that frumpy dress too.
Oh, let me get some cake first.

Brooklyn Gray, elder. I don't think the gravity of the situation has hit me fully.

Whoa Brooklyn, you're old.
Yeah, and as you can see, I'm very much alive. Now get over to that birthday cake. I don't think I can stand a husband younger than me.
Yes dear.
You told him to drink those last two shots of elixir, didn't you?
Yep. I'm surprised you remember that far back.
Not as far back for me.

Happy birthday Daddy!
Make a wish Remi.
No need, all my wishes have come true. I have a beautiful wife, two good, smart, successful children, and I have enough friends to share the cake with.
That's so sweet. Funny too.
Alright, age me up already!
I've never seen somebody so excited to get old. Especially when you were complaining about Ben-Gay.
Then Brooklyn might leave me behind, and I wouldn't be able to bear it.

Whoa, I feel floaty.
"Floaty" isn't even a word.
Ow, that did a number on my back! Where's the Ben-Gay?
Look in the bathroom after the party.
Hmm, I look pretty good. But do I still work good?
*facepalm* Now isn't the time, Remi. There are teenagers, including your children, present.
But we'll definitely find out later.
I could've lived without knowing that.

Okay, now that the birthdays have passed, Brooklyn, to the dresser and mirror with you.
I didn't figure we'd go back to your old wedding style, but I like it. It actually matches your gray eyebrows. Nothing worse than a bad dye job. How about you?
It works. I'll live.

And despite an altercation,
We still end the party pretty good.

Good morning seniors!
Oh, great. I had a dream that last night was a dream and my chest wasn't horribly sagged.
Sorry, I can't help you on that end.
Maybe Remi's in a better mood.
I need something for my back now.
Maybe not.

So Dad, when'd you like watching the Yummy Channel?
Since I found more people my age on it. There's one with a lady with green skin, called Grill of the Golden West.
Okay dad, I believe you.

Mornin', Remi.
Good morning Brooklyn.
Oh, get a room!
I wonder if Mom will teach me how to do that...
You get this old and you'll take any chance you can get.
Thank goodness I have a twin.
Oh, they're not that desperate.

Finally realized you have no charisma?
"Realized" my foot! I was saving it for old age, because it's low impact.
That's actually believable.
Maybe Sydney has a point about being glad she has a twin.
I will never understand Brooklyn. She waits until now to get an unstoppable libido.

Oh, Sophie and Orlando are here. Must have come in with the kids. And Sydney is at work, so where is Bronx?
Just a little more...
Bronx, did you forget you had guests?
Just a little longer...
There. Maxed. Now where's Sophie?
Home. Really Bronx. You're going to have no friends at this rate.
I don't need to have friends. Sydney makes all the friends.
Okay, we have reached critical mass.

You just had to remind me you're a Libra, didn't you?

Back to the charisma.
Music is a necessary ingredient in our lives because...
I'll be back later. You might want to consider sleeping.

Now I can devote all my time to learning. Sleep is for the dead.

Bronx, you don't wear your hat in the pool! Use some common sense, boy!

Sydney, you're growing into an adult soon.
Finally! I'm so tired of school!
I thought you'd have that reaction.
MOM! Are you serious?
As a heart attack.
About what?
Can't a mother and daughter have some private girl time?
I'm female, in case you've forgotten. I know you've slowed down a bit, but I thought that was obvious.
That's it. I'm not telling you anything. You don't say anything either Sydney.
But Mom-
Not a word.

Hey man!
Syd, how ya been?

So is your dad still acting weird, Bronx?
Yep. I think he's losing it. But my mom's not much better.
Bronx, we had this conversation a long time ago. That is not playing nice! And Sophie's not going to take that laying down.
See ya, Pao.
Have a good night, Syd.

Mourning your good looks, Remi?
No, just comparing this picture,
to the one I just painted, and wondering if I should sell that one too. The collectors seemed to really like that one.
Touch it and you die.
Wow, that's harsh.
I'm sorry, Remi, but I need those.

Welcome home, Sydney. You grow up today; how do you feel?
Great! I can throw the party, right?
Knock yourself out.
Hello? Yeah, it's my birthday. You coming? Awesome. See you soon!
And this is my present to you. For the party.
This is so sweet! Thank you!
No problem, really.
Do I have to forbid you two from dancing together? Bronx, go find another dance partner.
My first child is becoming an adult. I think I feel my joints aching in glee.

Wow, I didn't realize I was older than all of them.
Actually, to explain what's really going on would be too mind-boggling. Suffice it to say it defies all logic.
Make a wish, Sydney.
Fine. I wish for more friends, a career and maybe a guy to love me as much as Dad loves Mom.
Okay, come on! I want to grow up now!
Alright, let's grant your desire.

Whoa, I'm wiggly.
...I think that's a word.
Awesome, I'm taller!
Cool, this looks like Mom's old track suit.
I think that is. We'll have to rectify that.
Ah, no rush. I make it look good.
Such modesty.
Hey, I got it. Why not flaunt it? Oh yeah, I might as well tell you now, Mom chose me to be the heir.
So that's what you were keeping from me? I would've found that out anyway.

She's the heir? You've got to be kidding me.
Don't take it up with me, take it up with your mother.
Don't be jealous, twerp. You can still live here.
Don't forget that until your father and I die, this is our house. Bronx will stay here as long as he pleases.
Uh-huh, okay mom. Oh yeah, another thing: the senator I was interning for wrote a letter of recommendation for me now that I'm an adult. I was hoping to be at best a campaign manager, but I was appointed an interim state assemblywoman! I'm so excited! I start tomorrow morning.
Congratulations, my dear. Before you retire, I'd like to arrange your wardrobe and change your hair. You need bangs.

Much better. What do you think?
Oh, I love it!

And that takes care of this week. Stay tuned. Will Bronx sway Brooklyn to change her mind? Will he get a job? When will Sydney get married and have some babies? All answers coming (hopefully) next week!
Theme Song: Call Me - Blondie


Kethwyn said...

Hmm... Sydney sure is devoting a lot of time chatting up Pao. Could it be she's looking for someone who won't let rain nor snow nor dark of night prevent him from being a faithful legacy husband?

Yep, once sims are too old to have kids, they start getting frisky. And after they turn elder... hoo boy. Elder knowledge sims are always spinning up those wants, I swear. *snicker* At least Remi didn't ask about getting a prescription for Simagra. *giggle* He and Brooklyn both aged nicely. Very distinguished elders with very good taste in television programming *chuckle*

Bronx, Bronx, Bronx... *shakes head* Stop with the skilling obsession and try to be a little social with someone other than your sister. If you're this way as a teen I hate to think what you'll be like as an adult.

Wow, I was thinking Sydney looked like a nice blending of her parents, but after she grew up and changed hairstyles... she really looks a lot like Brooklyn

HeavensKyss said...

I love your legacy!! This family cracks me up!! Great job as usual!

Mao said...

My comment! It ate it! Accursed internet... /grumbles

Anyway, as I was saying, I love how Brooklyn and Remington ignored their teens in favor of woohoo. Teens aren't the only ones with raging hormones!

Poor Bronx, no heir for you! But hey, at least that means you don't have to socialize. Woo!

Mandie said...

Sydney turned into a very pretty woman! She looks like the perfect mixture of her mom and dad! I'm so glad she's the heir. She's always been my favorite (no offense to Bronx of course!). Bring on Generation 3!