Wednesday, January 23, 2008

All the Small Things

OMG she's back. Yeah, through a long story, I had access to nothing from January 2 till this week. So let's get on with the update.

Sssssh, I'm trying to concentrate.
Tree pose.
Downward dog pose.
And that one's not even on here. What's that one called?

Bye honey.
Daddy's gotta go to work.

Hey Sydney? What's up? You haven't maxed charisma yet.
Aw crap. Brooklyn, we have a birthday!
Happy birthday Sydney!

Yay, I'm a big girl now!
Well, you can use the big toilet and feed yourself. You're close. Clap after I change your hair.

Much better. Don't you think Sydney?
I think it looks funny.
I'll interpret that as a sign of approval.
Don't worry, you'll learn all those words at school.

Hi Daddy!
Oh, hi honey.
Why are you wearing those funny clothes, Daddy?
Um, I was at a...costume party, yeah, that's it. Don't tell your mother.
Okay Daddy.

Bye honey.
Oh, bye Remi.
Brooklyn! Look, quick!
...I wonder if I've learned enough about cleaning...

What's going on?
Of course, a birthday! Happy birthday Bronx!
Now go on the potty like a good boy.

Hi honey.
He-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-y Re-e-e-e-e-e-m-i-i-i-i-i-i.

Bye Mommy! I'm going to school!
Have fun honey, and learn lots.

Looks like learning is going on elsewhere.
Say "teddy".
Can you say "chair"?
His first word!

How was school Sydney?
It was okay, but my teacher wants me to take this note to my mommy or daddy. What does "talks out of turn" mean?
That I see a bright future for you in politics.

And that's how you do long division.
What was that last part again?
As you see, it wasn't that hard.
Hmm, I wonder if I can get somebody else to do it for me?
Sorry Sydney, influence doesn't come till University.
What does that mean?
In short, the answer to your original question is no.

Ah, the power of smartmilk.

Good thing too. I've been waiting to see Bronx grow up.
I just included it cause it's cute.

What are you doing eating chips in the morning. You might want to slow down too. You could get indigestion.
Okay, never mind.

And you, young man, look less conspicuous, but I still know your secret.
You haven't outed me yet.
Not for lack of trying. I'll see you when you get home.

And what are you doing?
Checking for fingerprints.
You have a sponge hidden somewhere, I know it.

Who's your friend Sydney?
Right, that. All he talks about is how good his grades are. Boooo-ring.
Well, you can say goodbye to him.
Okay. Bye Orion.
Yeah, that.

Well, I'm ready, but I'll wait. Only fair to let them suffer every moment of Bronx's toddlerhood, just like Sydney.

And these are just for showing the family love. See, they do interact!

And thank you for maxing mechanical.

This is ridiculous! Why am I cleaning this tub when we're supposed to have a maid?
I really don't know. She just didn't show up.

Remington Harris Gray, I love you.

I don't care what you have to do, I need a distraction. I don't know, pretend you're robbing a bank. Just get the police off me.

What are you doing swimming? We didn't say you could stay!
Daddy, the maid's about to swim.
No, I'm not, you little brat.

Hi Mommy. The maid was swimming.
Oh, was she? She might be out of a job.
But I already tried to fire her. It ain't working.

And more skill maxing. Congrats Brooklyn, only six more skills to go!

Happy birthday Bronx!
What's the maid doing here?
Uhhh... I dunno.
You're not bad looking, I must say. You're gonna be a heartbreaker when you grow up.
Okay, and here is where I figured out that I broke the lot. I managed to save them simply by moving them, fortunately.

And now that we're here, I need something to do, so let's embarrass ourselves.
It's Kaylynn, not the glitchy one!

Sydney, what are you doing?
What are you doing?

Oh Kaylynn, I've never been so happy to see your cheating self.

Oh wow, that should come out really well if it ever gets finished.

Oh God, not you...
Hello Mr. Jitma-somethin' or other.
Hmm...hello Mrs. Gray.

I can assure you that my children have all their necessary vaccinations. They will not be visiting any doctors anytime soon.
Congratulations Mrs. Gray. Despite your bohemian hair and your mispronunciation of my name, I will accept your children to Coast Academy.

You're so cute!
Oh, you're cute too!
And this is when my sister decided to get violently ill and I forgot to pause the game for 12 sim hours. Whoops. But I got these pics:
Remi got fit! I might actually be able to respect you now.
Bronx learned to study. Remi is now convinced his son can write in iambic pentameter. Bronx isn't so sure.
Brooklyn's still working on her body.

What will happen now? I have to choose an heir next week. Cheerful, talkative Sydney? Or serious, studious Bronx? How Brooklyn has not seen Remi is beyond me. Will that change? And I got the Happy Holiday Stuff Pack. What will Santa bring?
Theme Song: All the Small Things - Blink 182

Odd Pic Out:
Maybe we'll leave Alina alone. I think the loneliness is getting to her.


HeavensKyss said...

I love this legacy!! Too darn funny. I don't know who to pick as an heir..I'd wait to see what their aspirations are =-) And I'm glad you were able to save them. Darn glitchy lazy maid

ASimWen said...

Kaylynn the maid was being errr...suspicious. Yeah. LOL funny about Alina...talking with her hand. I have never seen that before. heh

Kerry said...

Oh, I don't know--Alina might fit right in! Glad you were able to save them from the swimming maid!

Mandie said...

Glad to see you back! Your udpates were missed greatly! The kids look so cute in their private school uniforms! I can't wait to see who you pick as heir (coughSydneycough) and what they look like as teens!

Kethwyn said...

Yay, you're back! But Ack! Suprise birthdays! At least everyone grew up well. Your maid must've thought that since Remington was there, she could slack off. Never mind that Remington actually lives there. Sheesh. Oh, and you got Korey Jitsumawhutzitgesundheit for your headmaster! I love Korey... in a platonic, non-relationship threatening way (unlike some sims). I've always gotten in when he visits, and I'm glad he accepted Sydney and Bronx into Private School. Now to just decide on who will be your heir. *grin*