Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Movin' On Up

We're back! Very quickly, but I can't write my report tonight, because it'll make my head hurt. So let's watch the Grays instead. Speaking of which, I see Remi. Hi Remi!

Stupid bills. Oh hi. Could you consider giving us about $18000?
Sorry, that's against the rules. Besides, if I had 18 grand, I'd pay off my student loan and credit cards and go to Japan, I mean, grad school.

Bye Daddy!
Goodbye, Sydney. Be safe. Remember what I told you about boys?
Beat 'em up!
That's my girl.
You realize that you can't use that trick forever.
I can try.

A'right, I gotta go arrest some bad guys now.
Have a good day, Brooklyn!

Yes, I talked my teacher into giving me an A!
Sydney! That's not right!
Who cares, I'm telling my daddy!
Daddy, I got an A!
That's great, honey!
Remi, I don't think she got that A on her own.
Are you saying that my child is not smart?
...Oh, you're good, kid.
What did you get, Bronx?
I don't know, but I don't think it's good. Why would the teacher say I don't play well with others?
I have no idea. You seem to play very well with Sydney, when you do.

Who happens to be stuffing her face with her father. You see where she gets it from.

Seriously Bronx, your antisocial antics are kinda scary. Do you even have any friends?
Sssh. I'm doing my homework.

Sydney grows up today! You're going to be a teen, how do you feel?
Uh, okay, I guess.

And Brooklyn gets a promotion. Congrats.
Thanks. I'm glad I can get outta the streets.

Hi Mom!
Hey kid. You do your homework?

My goodness, Remi! You still paintin' me?
Of course my dear. Your beauty must be preserved for generations to come.
That's so romantic. You're makin' me blush.

What are you doing, Sydney?
Jumping on the bed.
Brooklyn wouldn't like that, and that's not something teenagers do.
I know. I'm not growing up.
You can't decide that.
Yes I can. Daddy says I can do whatever I want.
Syd! We've got cake!
Ooooh! Wait for me!

Hey Syd, stick 'em up!
I'm comin' to get you, outlaw!
Bang! Bang! Bang!
Ah, I'm hit! It ain't over outlaw...
Bye bye sheriff.
*gasp* Bronx! I can't believe you just kicked your sister. That is not playing well with others!
What? What'd I do?
What are your parents teaching you?

Trust me Sydney, it's not as bad as it seems.
Make a wish and blow out the candles.
Hmmm...What do I wish?
Keep it to yourself.
Huh, I don't feel any different.
Whoa, that was quick. And cool clothes!
Regretting growing up now, Sydney?
Not a bit. Guess what I wished for?

Lots and lots of friends!
Popularity. God help me.
I really wish I had a party.
Don't start already.

I like this better. It's cool, like Mom's hair.
Your mom's hair is legendary.

Remi, where are you going?
It's 2 am, and Brooklyn's gonna wonder where you've been. I'm gonna tell.
Uh-huh, sure. Hello Angalie, take me to the usual place.
Yes, Mr. Gray.

Sydney? Sydney??
You are the yin to my yang, the moon to my sun...
...What are you doing?
Um, uh, I, yeah...
Nevermind. Where's your father?
He's not here?

I can't believe my daughter is a teen. I'm old.
Brooklyn, where's your husband?
Oh, he's somewhere 'round here. We're old. We have a daughter who's been in the bathroom all mornin'.
Oh, I can't get anyone to pay attention to me.

I might as well not even try.

Congratulations, Remi, you are now the epitome of evil.
Well, I've done what I wanted to do.
What do you mean?
I wanted to get the family funds to a good level. Now we have all we need, so I don't need to work in this job anymore. Besides, as much as I love Brooklyn, she turns into a different woman when she puts on the uniform.

Hey Dad, check it! A+!
Alright! See? Cheering on the kids is a full-time job.

Hmm, this looks interesting.
What's interesting?
This job. Campaign worker.
But you guys are fabulously wealthy. You don't need a job.
No, but I think Mom wants me out of the house more, so she suggested I get a job to see what I want to do when I grow up. Riiiiiiiight.
Or maybe Bronx complained about the bathroom.
What's that supposed to mean?

Hi Bronx, how was school?
Bronx, did you convince Mom to tell me to get a job?
Yes! I got an A! And I didn't think Mom would listen to me.
Dad, look! I got an A+!

Hi. I'm Marsha Bruening.
Oh god no.
I want to get to know everybody and be best friends with you all. Bronx and his mom and his dad and his sister and you too. But first, I think I'll see if he has any more family members.
I don't think the pool is any relation to the family.

Brooklyn, I have a surprise for you. I finished the portrait.
Oh wow, that looks amazin', Remi! I love it.
Me too.

And it was here that life actually started to settle down into a routine. In the mornings Sydney hogs the bathroom...
Syd, I gotta go.
There's another bathroom, twerp.

Remi finds something useful and engaging to occupy his mind while he was waits for the family to come home...
Yo ho ho! A pirate's life for me!
Don't you dare sing that song! I know that doesn't come till Bon Voyage!

After the kids finish with their annoying cheer (when did that stop?) they do their homework...
Making friends is very important because... it's fun? No, that's not gonna work...

Sydney goes to work...
Alright, people! Vote for me, uh, I mean... What was his name again? Oh well, I'll remember when I get there.

And Brooklyn works out...
while Remi keeps her company.

Except today.
Oh, good. I've been waiting for you to grow up. Finally I can make an informed decision.
Hey, you were right about the future in politics thing. This is fun, but I wish I could do more. I'm bored.
Sorry, no way to finish quicker. Not till University.

And then this happened.
You again? Seriously, this is like the third time.
Well, this time I'm prepared. So bring your worst.
Yeah, you just wait till the police get here.
Where do you think you're going, lawbreaker?
Booo-ring! I'm going back to bed.
This isn't a time to rate the fight!
Oh, you've got to be kidding me! Again?
In case you were wondering where the head of the household was during all this. My mom always said having kids makes you sleep harder once they stop crying. I guess Brooklyn is proof.
Yes, hand your head like the sorry excuse for a policeman that you are. Brooklyn is not going to be happy in the morning.
Chief Gray?
Yes, Chief Gray.
Chief Gray, this was not my fault, I swear. That burglar must have been taking steroids. I fought my best, but he got away.
Take my advice. Wake her up and she'll be even angrier.
You're right.
Of course I'm right. Now go on.

I've got two things to tell you. One: I quit my job. Two: That burglar that robbed you years ago came last night, but I fought him off.
You're my hero!
You're a liar. Hmm, lightning strike sounds good. No, crap, not till Seasons.

Hey Bronx, you grow up today, how do you feel?
Violated! Get out of my shower!
Geez, kid, it's not like I can see anything.
Bronx, who is dancing with Sydney?
Her friend, I think she said his name was Orrin.
Sydney, stop dancing so close to him. You, young man, should know better than to make moves on my daughter in my presence.
Oh, lay off, old man.
Dad, you're lowering my best friend count.
Sydney's really pretty.
I don't know if this party idea of Sydney's will work out.
If that boy's thinking about Sydney, I'll knock his lights out.
Why's Syd looking at me like that?

Just make a wish, Bronx.
Hmm, what do I want?
I got it!
Now blow out the candles.
I really want to know what you wished for.

Whoa, is this what happened to Syd? Cool!
Hey, this is pretty awesome. I hope I get my wish:
To know everything there is to know.

There, much better. Now Sydney will not be embarrassed to be seen with you.
And a special congratulations to you Sydney. Your first party was a blast.
Awesome. Let's do it again!
Not right now.

Get out of the bathroom, Syd!
Go find another one!
Ugh, it's mornin' already?
Uh-huh. *yawn*
Aww, you have your father's nose!
Not now. I couldn't get in the bathroom to brush my hair.
Is that why you're wearing the hat?
Finally, he's gone.
And you're gonna be late if you don't hustle.

Uh, I dunno, Edit?
Oops, well, you didn't get fired.
I got demoted! I was interning for the city controller and I got demoted!
It's not fair!

I got a surprise for you this time. Like it?
What's that? Oh, this little told me to tell you he thinks you could be the next Picasso.
Remi, you ok? Why're you talkin' to your hand?

Welcome home Sydney. Who's your friend?
That's Tosha.
Sophie's in the house!
Sophie! I was wondering when you'd come around.
That's really funny, Mr. Gray.
Hey, that's not your piece! You're cheating!
Congratulations, you're smarter then I thought. But not smarter than me.
Hey, look over there!
What? Where?
Heheh. Sucker.

You did it! Good job Brooklyn!
'Parently the cops trust me so much, I'm like a superhero or somethin'.
So modest.
And that is?
Oh, a novel. I'm writing an autobiography, on how I started out with nothing and ended up with all this.
Good idea.

I swear the only sane person in this house is Brooklyn. Now what? Can Brooklyn hold on to her job now that she's so preoccupied with being old? Sydney and Bronx are teens; who will be the heir? And I really should start shopping for spouses for my kids. See you next week.
Theme Song: Movin' On Up - The Jeffersons theme song