Saturday, November 1, 2008

NaNoWriMo Time!

When you read this, I will be sleeping, dead from the exhaustion of working my final week at my job and making my BRANDSPANKINGNEWOMG website look presentable. That's right, it's midnight November first, and I'm asleep. Anyway, yeah. I am officially on hiatus from updates. Sorry I couldn't get any updates out in October; I tried, but Rondo in University wore me out. Frackin' 50 dream dates... at least Aspen is causing less problems, but the new arrival is trying to kill me. More on that in December. There is always the hope that I finish early, right? I might, I might not. Things are really up in the air, especially now that I'm back on the lookout for work. I'll stop rambling now. See you next month!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Special Notice: NaNoWriMo

I guess I should let you know, though you may or may not have figured it out from the countdown timer: I am doing NaNoWriMo X! Very excited, cause it's number ten for them, and number one for me! And I plan to modify the story into a sim story at some future unspecified date. Of course, for now I have already have three other projects going, two of which will be blogged, so don't look for it anytime soon. But I will put my somewhat finished work up on December 1 to read. And you all can do the editing for me! LOL I kid, I kid.

What does that mean for Spirit, Allen, Sephia, Sedona and Sorento? No updates for the month of November. Sorry, but there's no way I'll be able to blog them AND write 50,000 words in a month. And I'm unsure about how many I'll get to do for October. I usually do two, but if I'm not done all my research by October 15, you'll likely only see one. Plans are still on though for normal updates for October.

And, if you are participating in NaNoWriMo, let me know! I'd love to pick up tips and see your story!

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Next Generation (Part 2)

And we continue where we left off in my longest Legacy week ever.

Maybe you can keep his attention if you dress up and put on makeup like her.
*sigh* What a pointless conversation.
Whose attention is Sephia trying to keep? Got a boyfriend, dudette?
It's not hard to figure out, it's-ow! What'd you do that for, Sephia?
Shhh! We'll talk about it later, like after dinner, where nosy ears can't hear us.
Like hers.
I sure hope she's not trying to be sneaky. With these windows I literally saw her coming a mile away.

Sounds like an interesting movie. Tell me when it comes out, won't you? Well, I should be getting to bed. Night, 'Spire.
Goodnight, Spirit.
Good evening.
Good evening!
Why do I sense that greeting was not for me?
Could we have some alone time?
Geez, I never have any time to talk to either of you.
Are either of you still awake?
I'll take that as a no.

Whoo, now she is hot!
Oh? What about Kate?
Oh yeah, Kate... Just give me a date get her out of my system.
That would probably be the opposite of what happened, but you don't have time right now, you have to go to work. We'll see if you feel that way when you get back.

Congratulations Sephia!
I rock!
Yes, you do.

Hey Dad, can I ride in the plane with you sometime? That'd be so cool, and we could shoot down bad guys, and...
Probably not, right Allen?
Definitely not. He's lucky his mother didn't hear him. A military plane is no place for an 11-year-old boy.

Hi Rondo. Changed your mind about this neighborhood's Amaya?
Not really, but just when I was 'bout to go upstairs and grab a shower, Sephia grabbed me and said, "Dance with me!" and I can't turn down the little dudette.
So that's where that dance came from. It's so cute!
Who's she?
Followed Amanti home, but he wouldn't give her the time of day. So I figured I'd be nice and let her at least get some food before she left.
*under breath* I can't win. But Kate started it, so if I can just get rid of her...

Good morning! Oh come on, we need to talk! *sigh*
We're gonna grow up and be big soon like Rondo and Amanti! I'm so excited!
That's what I need to talk about.
I'm jealous. Aspen's already in high school with Rondo.
Don't worry, you'll be joining them soon.
Okay, I admit it. I just liked the congo line to the bus.
Congratulations. So, do you think you'll follow in your aunt's footsteps and become a great actor?
Nah, that's not as interesting as figuring out how Mom's fingerprint scanner works.
The whole lot of them. A bunch of nerds. Well, except Sedona.

At least the nerds have jobs. That they've topped! Wonderful job!
It was nothing.
Good job to you too, Rondo!
My job rocks.
Wow! The only skill scholarship you missed was for creativity, and you made that up with your job!
Of course. Creativity skill requires doing things below my dignity.
Playing the piano is below your dignity?
I should say goodbye to you for now, Miss Fini, as I will be leaving for college soon.
Actually, we've been needing to talk about that. It fits in with the heirs and spares talk, which we've never had. Here's the short version. As I did with your mother and aunt, one of you five will have to come back home after graduation, marry an NPC and have at least two kids to carry on the Green name and legacy. That is the heir. The other children are called spares, in case the heir does something stupid like get himself or herself killed before offspring are produced, and pleading for their life doesn't work. I do the choosing.
So, am I the heir, or a spare?
You would be my second choice, but at the moment, you're a spare.
I was expecting a lot more argument from you. Wait, in case the sibling I pick does get killed, would you be amenable to returning?
Does that mean I have to marry and reproduce?
Well, you have to reproduce. I guess the marriage thing is optional. But reproduction is not.
I will think about it.
For now, that will work. See ya, Amanti.

See ya dude.
Goodbye son.
Bye big brother.
Bye bye Amanti!
Dudette, he's already in the van.
Amanti Galant Green, don't you dare leave without saying goodbye to your mother!
Goodbye, Mother?
*sigh* I'll miss you. Will he be coming back, Miss Fini?
As far as we know, no.
Oh, pooh. Goodbye, my son.
May I go now, Mother?
See ya kid. Four left, one of which will be coming back.

Now that we're equal, we've got to stick together even more. It's just you and me, Sedona, and Mom can't keep an eye on the boys like we can. That's what best friends do, help each other out.
So, you want me to help you get rid of Kate.
That's right. Thanks Sedona. You're the only one that really understands me. You are truly my best friend.
She never actually agreed to it. Did I ever tell you that I worried about you, Sephia?
One gone, three to go!
That's true, but why are you so happy now?
Once the others go and the heir comes back, we can get our grandbabies!
That is true, but aren't you rushing it a bit?
Do you have teenaged children, Miss Fini?
Nope, I have no children. Not planning on them either. If I were a sim, I'd be knowledge, with a secondary of either pleasure or fortune. Probably pleasure.
Oh yeah, not till Free Time.
Free Time?
Don't worry about it. That I can guarantee you won't see.

Whoa, give her some room to breathe!
She doesn't mind.
Of course she doesn't mind... teenagers.
Well, this is it, son.
I wonder why Spirit didn't take him. I'd think you'd be banned from stepping foot on Academie Le Tour again after having a liaison with a student.
You really like that puffy red vest, don't you?
You say that as if I had a choice in the matter.
Why couldn't you grow up into something decent? Manhattan Gray did.
And now he has gone on to the great sim beyond.
...How'd you know that?
Did you think all the books I read were for skill points? I decided to look up this "Legacy". And since you are so fond of your alias, I was able to track your last attempts--and failures.
You're a sneaky little thing. And if you know that, you ought to know what happened. Not my fault.
Don't let my distance fool you, son--I love you and I'll miss you.
Father? You can let go of me now.
Did I ever tell you that you suck the magic right out of things?
Ribs are really filling for a family of six.
I guess I'm still used to cooking for eight. And I love our new grill.
Wow. I knew about the kids, but I totally forgot about Spirit and Allen. I've almost caught up to where I was on the Gray section of the blog. It'll still be a bit before I catch up in play.

I didn't know they still had spelling bees in high school.
Me neither. But I won! I totally rock.
I agree.

Well, looks like it's time. I'm not stupid enough to have a quintuple birthday party, and I don't want to be unfair and let some party and others not. Besides, it will mess up the ages.
So we're doing this the old-fashioned way. First is Allen. Ready?
I never thought I'd reach this day. Bring it on!
Alright, he's definitely ready. Let's go!
OMG! *rofl*
What's so funny? He looks distinguished.
Oh no no no no no. Brooklyn and Remi were distinguished. That's just hilarious.
Don't worry about her honey. It's your turn.
Now see? That's nice and not orange. You decided to stay pink, I see.
It's just me.
Yep, sugar and spice.
Wow, Mom's old.
You should live so long, kid.
You can read my thoughts too?
I'm the equivalent of God.
Now on to the trips. Sephia, as the oldest, of course goes first.
I am so ready.
Then let's go!
And Houston, we have a teenager. So, you think you know what you want to do with yourself?
I want to party it up, just like Rondo!
Girl, you're starting to seriously scare me.
Well, it's not the same. I don't want to settle down on one person immediately, like Rondo did.
So, 50 first dates, huh?
Yep. I'm gonna set a record.
Actually, you will, if you make it. I've never fulfilled that lifetime want before.
Well, you do look really pretty! It shouldn't be a problem.
Now for Sedona. You ready?
I guess.
Man, you'd think you stayed in the red all the time, with your lack of enthusiasm. Let's age you up and maybe that dark cloud will disappear.
You are a knockout, Sedona. Is that a smile I see?
No, that's a sigh.
So what do you think you want to do with yourself?
Nothing with myself. But bring a boy along and we've got something.
No! No! You have no idea what you're stepping into!
No time like the present to learn.
If it makes you feel better, the worst I was dreaming of was becoming a professional party guest.
That warrants a sigh of relief. You could do a whole lot worse. And no, I'm not telling you how.
Finally we have Sorento. Please don't turn into a wild child like your sisters.
Not to worry. I wouldn't dream of it.
Yeah, the nerd clothes kinda give you away.
Alright, let me guess. The cut of your shirt screams knowledge.
You are correct.
Ha. That makes two knowledge and two pleasure sims from this crop. Sedona's the odd one out, but then she's always been the odd one out.

What's so funny Spirit?
'Spire's gonna be so jealous to see I didn't go gray!
You think she will?
I know she will. I'll bet you.
Bet me what?
Hmmm... I'll bet you my clothes. If I'm wrong, you can change my clothes to whatever you want and I won't complain.
Ooh, you're on. And I just got some new clothes from All About Style too.
I know I said I wanted flashy, but I think that's a bit too much.
How about this? If you meet a guy you really like that doesn't like it, we'll remove it.
And I mean really like. One of your more random dates can blow it out their ear.
Got it.
I still don't know why you decided to go Emo McGoth on me.
It's me. Maybe one day you'll understand.
It's emo. I hope one day you'll understand.
You say it in such a derogatory way.

Are you guys free to talk now?
We haven't needed medicines yet to keep up our level of activity, and we won't need any now.
Very nice. Now guys, I need your attention.
And I will always love you.
You always sing so sweet.
Guys, over here?
Oh come on!

Oh hi kids.
Hey Kate, it's me. Could you come over?
He looks nice. Is he your guest, Sedona?
As if!
Look at him! He's such a dork.
Oh that's really nice.
It's the truth.
There's my guest.
I was wondering when you'd meet your counterpart.
You will? That's awesome. Alright, see you then.
Kendall's my guest. And is he ever hot!
Two bolts! Well, you're not just flattering him.
So, how about a date?

So Kate, I was wondering if you'd like to be my official girlfriend.
You know, like going steady. With me, of course.
Hmmm, why does she hesitate?
I promise I'll make sure you don't regret it.
*sigh* Oh alright.
Ah, Rondo, you have no idea what you've gotten yourself into.
Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live...
What? Sephia, did you just say that?
Say what? I didn't say anything.
And the roads around here just don't make any sense. It'd be nice if there was someone to plan the streets out.
Not till Free Time.
You won't see it.
I said it'd be cool to be able to plan the streets out.
Not you.
Don't say too much; he can't hear me. Only you can.
Yeah, it would be great, wouldn't it?
You have no idea, Kendall.
Looks like you'll have to share your pool time with Meadow.
That's not fair. It's my table. I wonder how I can hit her with the stick and call it an accident.
That's not nice.
I stopped being nice a long time ago.
Got that right.
You'd better shower her with attention like that, or she will go off seeking greener pastures.
No way! She's not like that.
So you think...
Who you talking to?
She can't hear me.
Just don't worry about it.
I thought you had a guest.
I'm trying to tone down. Besides, he's still playing pool with little miss perfect.
You sound so bitter for a 14-year-old. I thought you wouldn't get that way for a couple more years.

Well, Sephia is thinking about college, intermittently.
Sorento's definitely thinking about college. In fact, he's working on a scholarship now.
Sedona... let's not even go there.
Oooh, that'd be a great twist!
What about a twist?
I'm writing a novel. Historical fiction, about a woman and man who fall in love. She's the evil ruler's daughter, and he's a revolutionary...
Sounds predictable.
Everybody dies.
I might be interested. Holler when you're done.
If I can hear her over you. What's wrong?
That's the last time I lower my standards for a blonde!
I'm assuming you don't like blondes.
Hate them. Thought I'd give this one a chance, and, just... ugh!
Say no more. I got it.
Not only is she insulting, but she talks to herself. Maybe I'd better get out of here.

And to think, one of these four may end up being my heir. Maybe I should tell Amanti to come home after graduation...
Well, I guess we can wrap things up.
Oh no you don't. Although this isn't what I've been trying to tear you off each other for, I do have some questions for you.
What's this?
Oh, I went to see Aspire earlier this afternoon. Despite her insulting me numerous times, we are friends.
Okay, then what's this?
She just grabbed my hands and she had the strangest look her her face. I have no idea why.
Oh, really?
Then can you tell me why this happened?
That... was not my fault.
Typical response.
It's the honest truth! She just grabbed me.
I didn't see you resisting.
She caught me completely by surprise! How was I supposed to?
I'm telling Spirit.
Don't do that!
Why shouldn't I? I think she deserves to know.
Because it was a one-time thing and I don't plan on doing anything like that again!
Well, I'm a forgiving person. And it's not like you've been slobbering on her all week. As you said, it was one time. But don't think I don't have my eye on you. One misstep, and I'm telling your wife.
Got it.
You might want to tell your sister-in-law to thank you. She certainly wouldn't have escaped.

Anyway... I need gen 4 to come along soon. Apparently people have way too much free time on their hands. Grandchildren will definitely keep them busy. But first, who will bring in gen 4? Amanti's in college, so technically, he's still eligible. And I'm still thinking about telling Spirit anyway. After all, one reason her aspiration was switched was so she wouldn't be attracted to the kind of men that would do this to her. And she gets shafted anyway.
...What do you think? About the heir issue, or the love triangle that popped up? A resolution is needed and I have no clue what to do for either.
See you next week...

Odd Pics Out:
She may be evil, but this shot does scream cool.
This was after Johanna died. For the record, she didn't try again later.
Don't know why, but Emo McGoth really likes Amanti, while Amanti wouldn't mind feeding him to a large carnivorous plant with udders. He decided to see if Amanti was ticklish. I guess the answer is no.