Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Stranger in My House

Alright, another week, another Brooklyn fiasco. Hey, when'd he get here?
Just now.

You will not believe what happened to me last night.
Oh? What happened Mi-uh, I mean Brooklyn?

C'mere, I don't want anyone to hear me.
You live in the middle of nowhere; no one can hear you anyway.
No, not you. Well, I was robbed.

Yeah, it was so horrible. I was so scared.
Aren't you playing it up? Last night you were screaming at the officer and ready to chase down the burglar yourself.
I said shhhhhh!
Who are you talking to?
Not you, Remi.
Well, is there anything I can do?
Actually, there is.

Hold me!
You are a real card, you know that?

Wow. Now I feel the inexplicable urge to flirt with you.
You should go along with it.
What strong muscles you have!
Why thank you.

So this is love, la la la la, so this is love... okay, I'll stop singing now. Brooklyn, you can say goodbye now.

How do I keep making desperate housewives? You keep your lips to yourself until you've confirmed he's not against it!
Did he look against it?
That's not the point...
And besides, he had hand sanitizer in his pocket. Now, excuse me while I brush my teeth.
*gape* She was serious?

Abs of steel!
Try a four pack. You've barely made it to fit. Now you have to stay there. Can't chase down burglars with a beer belly. Presidential Physical Fitness - check.

And you got a promotion! We're going shopping!
Do we have to?

Remind me why we're downtown touchin' hangers that have been God-knows-where. And what did you do with my hand sanitizer?
Remi needs clothes.
Why am I buyin' him clothes?
Because the armoire has spoken.
And I did nothing with your hand sanitizer. Besides, you did steal it, and stealing's wrong. Especially for an officer of the law.
"Steal" is such a strong word.

Brooklyn? Brooklyn, where are you? Excuse me, have you seen Brooklyn?

I AM Brooklyn.
Holy cow! You look so...sleek?
We'll pretend that was a compliment.
So, new hair, new dress - you wouldn't do that without a point.
Today's a special day. I just got this inexplicable urge. Let's hope this works.

Wow Brooklyn, you look stunning.
Aww Remi, you're makin' me blush again.
I'd be blushing in shame if I were you.
*eye twitch* Ignorin' you.
Not you, Remi.

Well Remi, y'know I'm not your typical woman.
And the fact is, I've fallen head-over-heels in love with you.
Wow. I'm very flattered.
So the only left is a question.
Remington Harris, will you be my wife?
*gasp* Brooklyn!
How in the world did you afford this?
Got a raise at work. So, whaddaya say?

I think that counts as a yes.

Okay Brooklyn, I have a proposition for you. Let's get you married now.
But I just got engaged less than a minute ago! And I have to wash my hands, since my hand sanitizer disappeared.
He has money. With his cash, you can buy hand sanitizer.
Hey Remi, why don't we skip the waitin' part and get married now?
Should I feel bad about exploiting her weakness? ...Nah.

How'd you get all this together?
He asks too many questions.
He's got a point. How did you do all this? Is this dress clean? When can I get some hand sanitizer?
YOU ask too many questions.
Brooklyn. Who are you talking to?
Not you, Remi.

You know, maybe, just maybe, she wasn't kidding with her original engagement question.
I am proud to present Mr. and Mrs... uhhh...
I am proud to present Brooklyn and Remington Gray. I hope that wasn't too emasculating.

Oh hi. Who're you?
Danette. I'm taking over Remington Harris's schedule for some reason.
Is that a tux? And a bridal gown? *chuckle* Good luck.
What's that supposed to mean? Hey get back here!

Whatever. Remi, now that you're in, time to pull your weight. The newspaper is right there.
Who said that?
Call me God. Now get a job.
Yes ma'am.
Let's see...politics, criminal, medicine...okay.
So? What'd you pick?
I'd mind telling you that information, ma'am.
I'd be annoyed if he weren't so darn polite.

Much better.
Couldn't go without your old hair?
Nope. It's just, me.
Speaking of which, Remi, could you come over here please?
I like it. But I care about what you think, so? What do you think?
I rather like it myself.

Now I know why the new maid was laughing. Apparently Remi's a so-called Sag trapped in a Cancer sign. As a 2-4-2-8-9, he only cleans if he's getting paid for it. But he has very good traits:
He can cook (which is convenient because Brooklyn can't),
he can skill right up there with her (and I need to marry maids more often; their skill sets rock),
and he's quite the attentive husband. Am I right, Brooklyn?
Can I talk t'you later?

Sweet! Houston, I think we have a decent bed.

Oooh, person! Brooklyn, say hi.
But I'm workin' out.
Hi. I'm Brooklyn.
Who are you? What is that thing on your head? Why do you not touch me?
I'm sorry, but your hands are the dirtiest part of your body! I can't help it! I guess I could give you some hand sanitizer...

Thank you Remi. And you even brought a friend!

Brooklyn. Come a little closer.
Oh? And why should I do that?
It's more comfortable.
See? Aren't you comfortable?
I'll be back... ew.
I bet you don't need hand sanitizer now.
Do you mind?

Well, I know what that means. That would be generation two.
Uh, Brooklyn? That's nasty.
Remi can clean it; I'm starvin'.
But I am washin' my hands, though; that is gross.

Remi? Could you clean the toilet?
Alright, I'll do it in an hour.
Remi, where are you goin'?
You said you were cleanin' the toilet.
I'll do it when I get back.
I can't look at it that long!
Do I have to do everythin' 'round here?

Well, nothing interesting to say here.
Besides the fact that I look like I ate a basketball.

Thank you Remi. The promotion was cool too.
Sure. I said I'd do it.
Whew. That was work.
What work? It's not fixed.
Good night.
Remi, the sink isn't fixed. Remi!
What's goin' on?
I'm friggin' pregnant! Why'm I fixin' the sink?
Because you couldn't wait for Remi to wake up?

What is wrong with this family?

You got promoted again! You picked a good career, even if you are breaking the law and Brooklyn is on your tail.
Not if she's pregnant. Then she just pushes paperwork.
Hmm...do I smell a sneaky plan?
What sneaky plan?
Ahh! I'm huuuuuge!
And you're pregnant, and tired, and hungry. Tell me something I don't know. I'll be back later Brooklyn.
Bring hand sanitizer?
We'll come back soon! Coming up next - Generation 2!!!
Theme Song: Stranger in My House - Tamia


Bubbs said...

She really likes her hand sanitizer, huh? HAHAHA! Remi is such a good catch also, they will have nice looking kids. :)

ASimWen said...

Very good!

Layla Sims said...

I'm loving your Legacy so far, Fini. My Remington's personality is all together different in MY Legacy, and that was actually before there were EP's. Is he still a Family Sim?

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Actually, Remi still is a Family Sim. That's probably the only thing that is unchanged for all of his incarnations. He's got to be the worst fit for a maid I've ever seen. I guess I saved him from himself. But that also explains why the shower was never cleaned to Brooklyn's satisfaction, hehe.

Mao said...

Hey there! I followed your link from a comment you left--I'm still trying to get caught up with all you're up to. Very cool!

Sorry about your computer, it's never fun to lose all your progress. :(

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Why thank you! I'm honored, really.
Yeah, I still gotta get that back-up drive. As soon as I get my money.