Friday, December 14, 2007


Hello? ...Melissa. Why'm I not surprised?
'Cause she's stalking you, and I apologize for encouraging your friendship.

This's weird. I feel like I'm havin' the worst cramps in the world.
In a way you are. Except they're about to get worse. Did you read nothing about childbirth during pregnancy?
I was eatin', sleepin', and readin' about how to fix stereos.
You don't even have a stereo!

Talk later! Meds now!
I can't help you, but maybe Remi can. Speaking of which, where is he?

What's happening?

She almost gave me a heart attack.
I'd do something or move away. In my experience, women giving birth aren't exactly rational.
Remington, you are never allowed to touch me again!

Aww, and it looks just like you, Brooklyn!
That would be a she.
Aww, and she looks just like you, Brooklyn!
And I need a shower.

Whoo! My first child!
What does he mean, his "first child"? I'm not havin' anymore.
I refuse to get involved with that. You two decide that on your own.

Yes, I have a theme going. And I'm going to try not to steal any of Kethwyn's heir names. [insert shameless Holldum legacy plug here]

You okay now, Remi?
I'm ecstatic! I'm a father. I've got a little girl to provide for and spoil and just love.
Hey Sydney, I'm your daddy.

I have faith that Remi's gonna be a great father.

Brooklyn, drink this.
What is it?
You'd never believe me if I told you.
Well, I'm not gonna drink somethin' if I don' even know what it is. And has the spigot been properly sterilized?
It extends your lifespan.
Well, the only way to know is to try it. After sterilizing the spigot.

Well? What do you think?

It's the worst thing I've ever tasted, but I think it works! I feel great!

Ahh, Remi, what are you doing? I didn't want you to drink that!

Whoa! What have you been holding out on me? And why does it taste so bad?
You weren't supposed to drink that. Now the ages are all messed up. Gah.
What was that?
Nothing. Just go to bed.

And just where do you think you're going?
You just gave birth last night.
So what?
*total shock* Since you seem to feel fine, whatever.
Remi can stay home with Sydney. I don' even think he has a real job.
Yeah, he probably doesn't have a real job at all. Whatever helps her sleep at night. Not my place to burst her bubble.

You need a bath, Sydney? Let's just not tell your mommy I gave you a bath in the sink.
Brooklyn is going to kill you.
Only if she finds out.
You act as if I have a problem telling on you.
You haven't yet.
.....Don't underestimate me.

Well good job Brooklyn!
Now this sounds like a fun job. Not very clean though. I could use...
If you even think the words "hand sanitizer" again, I can't be held responsible for my actions.

Hey Brooklyn-
I thought I told you specifically that you were not allowed to touch me ag'in.
You tell him Brooklyn!

I swear, we can just cuddle.
I guess that's okay.
No Brooklyn! You're falling into the trap!
Could you excuse us?
Fine, but don't come crying to me if you end up pregnant.

See? I'm fine.
You also just woke up.

What'd I say?
Shut up. *retch* I hope Remi's takin' care of that.

How time does fly. Age her up now, or no? I'll wait. Brooklyn needs to deal with as few toddler days as possible. Especially since...

Hey, the toilet's clean. You can't mean to tell me...
Surprisingly, yeah.
The maid actually comes twice a day.
Actually, no. That was your husband's doing. Don't give me that dubious look, I have proof.

I can't take this!
Shhh! Brooklyn's asleep. You oughta know the maid ain't cleaning it up for you, and Brooklyn's not waking up.

Wait, what?
It's not like there's much of a choice at this point.

I think the Apocalypse came on its own.

That was an entertainin' story. I'm feedin' the baby now.
It wasn't a story! Do pictures mean nothing now?

Oh, find a room! Right, there is no other room. Poor Sydney.

No way to explain this but to pair it with the fact that Brooklyn has stopped obsessively cleaning the house. You got it. Pregnancy.

I'd normally decry your criminal behavior, but 2000 simoleons is hard to argue with.
And a promotion is even harder! Congrats Remi! Thank you thank you thank you! We con go get Sydney clothing now.
Why me? I hate shopping.
Your wife is currently waking up. And I see a few spots she's used. Shopping or cleaning?
'Atta boy.

What's the point of exercisin' if I'm gonna look like this?
It's only temporary. You'll be back to your fierce, fit figure tomorrow.

Remi? She's not hungry, and there's no green trail.

*gratuitous girlish squealing* She's so cute! Alright, now let's get a second floor around here.

Alright, say bottle.
If only that could be counted as a word. I use it often enough.

She said "bottle"! Her first word! Remi!
He has to go to work in the morning. Let him sleep.

She can say my name!
Hey, I think I can see footprints on the floor. (seriously, first time Inotived that)

One skill out of three.

"And therein lies the rub." Remi, you can't let your wife see you leaving anymore. You've "graduated" to the stripes.
Well, I now know what I must do.

Whoa, what's that face for?
This has t'be the nastiest part of havin' a toddler.
You must be talking about...

...the wonders of potty training. And even on milk, it can be a royal pain.

Good night Sydney. In the mornin', you'll be learnin' even more while Mommy sleeps.

Good morning, my angel. Do you have to potty?

Hey Remi, she got it!
You'd think he, being the lazy one, would be ecstatic.

You've made Daddy very proud.
At least you two are bonding. Weird place to do so, but whatever.

If I run, I can make it out the door before Brooklyn turns around.
You're lucky she has to pee.

Can you get Remi home? I think the baby's comin'!
Can you get out of the corner? I can't get any good pictures!

No time for pictures!
Are you kidding? This is perfect. Now if you can take one step back...
Get away from me!
Ah! You're gonna scare Sydney.

Aww, and it looks just like you, Brooklyn!
Aww, and he looks just like you, Brooklyn!

He's so small.
So was Sydney.
I never had time to let it sink in for her.
Because you handed her off to Remi and went to the bathroom.
When ya gotta go, ya gotta go. And I gotta take a shower.

Alright, I'm serious. No more kids.
It's okay. No more kids. That I can help. InTeen might have other plans.

You know, your husband got there yesterday.
My husband's not pregnant.
...That's what I forgot!
Don't worry about it. I'm thinking about getting a telescope.

Am I out of the stripes yet?
You ought to know better than me. And, no.
Well, time for a shower.
Sneaky bastard.

*sigh* Why must you be so bad?

Bye Remi! Take care of the babies!
Work again?
I need to hear something other than my children crying.

Go Brooklyn! She's gotta be happy.

In the meantime, Remi makes friends,
And little Sydney doesn't realize just how neglected she is. But soon, she'll be able to make her parents pay attention to her. And I never did put her stats down, did I? I'll remember later.

Alright, Remi, about the babies. I'm not havin' anymore. Period. Got it?
Of course, Brooklyn.
Which means he has another plan in place. I don't trust that man.

Whee! Birdie!

Tummy not hurty anymore!
Because you got the contents of it all over Daddy.

I have a friend who takes yoga. She said she never learned anything like this in class. I would've taken yoga to learn that. Remi, I didn't know you could do that.
Can I get down please?
Incurably lazy.

Nice work, Brooklyn.
That's Detective Gray. This is so cool. I'm like Sherlock Holmes or somethin'.

And we leave the house on the brink of birthdays. And possibly trouble. Those two are bound to run into each other sometime. Let's see if they surprise me, as they are apt to do.
Theme Song: Lullaby - Dixie Chicks

Odd Pic Out:
The first shopkeeper I'll look for once I get to Uni.


ASimWen said...

Awww why doesn't Brooklyn want any more children? Ah well I guess a boy and a girl is well rounded. But hummm..getting a telescope? lol Yay Remi did well at his job. Even if he is a criminal. Wow, she is in law enfocement and he is in she gonna arrest him one of these days??? Nice looking shopkeeper!

Melissa said...

A little behind in my reading, but I'm getting there. So I'm guessing that your theme is Place names? The shopkeeper is cute. Hope she and Bronx get along.

Mandie said...

I love what you've decided to do with the Legacy Challenge. I never really explored the base game either. It sounds like tons of fun! I'm really enjoying your legacy so far, keep up the great work!