Thursday, November 22, 2007


Hello again, I'm Fini, and I'm back with a Legacy Challenge. That's right, yet another long challenge I'm starting with no clue when I'll finish. But wait! Don't I have a Legacy? Why I did in fact! Wondering what happened to it? Well, it, along with all my other challenges, and my rest of my computer, died as of November 5, 2007. So, why would I have another Legacy?
I never got the chance to explore the base game as much as I feel I should've. Since September 2006, I've been buying EPs as soon as my money allowed it. So I'm going back to the basics.

And that, my friends, is why I'm doing a new legacy. Starting from the base game, every 10th generation heir will move up to a new EP, until I catch up to the Sims 3, lol. Or I'll create a new family for each EP. Depends on how well I can move neighborhoods manually.

The Legacy Challenge Core Rules can be found here.

Thanks to Trixie, Pinstar, and the lovely groups of people at The Sims 2 Challenges Yahoo! Group, The Prosperity Challenge Yahoo! Group,, More Awesome Than You, and the Inteenimator, hosted by Simbology. Without your ideas, items and support, I'd never be blogging, or having so much fun with The Sims 2.

And now, let's go!