Sunday, December 2, 2007


This is our base game Legacy founder, Brooklyn Gray.
Uh, whatever. Hello.

Brooklyn Gray
Base Game Legacy Founder
Aspiration: Knowledge
Virgo: 9 neat, 2 shy, 6 active, 4 serious, 5 nice

I actually explained everything to this one. I think. She realizes that should her family not leave an heir up to the 10th generation, Legacy Coast will have the apocalypse, known to us as "deletion." And all her work goes down the drain. And she will die. She can marry anyone she wants, but her descendants down the line might want to make sure their potential spouse isn't distantly related to her. And in the meantime, she should build a house. With walls. And a roof.
It's just like Little House on the Prairie or somethin'!
You can tell she's excited. So let's go.

Welcome to your very own homestead.
Whoa. It's huge. Like I got my own state or somethin'.
Not quite that big, but yeah, it's big. Especially since you probably won't fill up half of it in your lifetime. I got you a foundation, some furniture, and a couple of mandatory walls. Thank God this isn't Seasons, or I'd be in trouble.
Wait, where the heck do I pee?

Oh, that's easy. See? The toilet, sink and shower are all over there. In that corner I had to put walls in.

Okay, that is suriously not cool. That's plain unsanitary!
Sorry, but you signed the contract. You could always terminate it, but then you have to die.
Ugh. You gotta be kiddin' me. I'm glad I brought my own hand sanitizer. Wait, where is it?

Oh, I see. Of course, I was so stupid! That's the last time I sign something without a lawyer present.
Well, lawyers don't come before Seasons.
Simply, this town isn't getting any lawyers until long after your death.
Darn it! Wait, how do you know?
Trust me.
Why should I? You didn't tell me I wouldn't even have a house.
Great. Not another one that won't listen...

Hi, kid who must be a marathon runner to get all the way out here on foot. D'you have any idea where I can find a lawyer?

Hello Madam. Welcome to Legacy Coast. My name is Alon Livingston and I will be delivering your newspaper for all eternity, or at least until University is installed. *whisper* Do you know if that'll be soon?
Well, maybe if someone down the line likes you that much, you can be their present. For now, it will be at least until Uni.
*blinks* Uh, hi? I'll just take this newspaper, if you don't mind. Where's my hand sanitizer?

Okay, the kid's crazy. Or at least very devoted to his job.
Actually, he was telling the truth.
I don't believe it. How can an "up-and-coming" town not have a single lawyer? Unless you were lyin' about that part too. I'm findin' one, and we're re-negotiatin' my contract.
Whatever helps you sleep at night. Until then, you could use a job to afford the lawyer.
Hmm...pickpocket, nah; that rubs me the wrong guard? I'll pass; that's such a conflict of interest for me...campaign worker...wait a minute, there are elected officials here? Apparently. That's it?
For today. If you don't take a job, you'll be broke and I'll be unhappy. Pick one.
Uh, I guess I'll do the security guard. What's the worst that could happen? And where's my hand sanitizer?

Oooh, person. Brooklyn, say hi.
But I'm busy.
Now you're not. Go.
*grumble* Hello. I'm Brooklyn, and a voice in my head told me to talk to you.
Okay... I'm Melissa.
But I like your pants.
Really? Thank you! For the record, I bought these first. Don't believe a word Sandy says. She's a low-down liar. Ooooh, if I could find her...
Ummm, can I go back to my book now?

You actually read books?
Uh, yeah...
*hysterical laughter*
What's so funny? Melissa? Should I call a doctor?
Nah. If we're lucky, she'll die of asphyxiation. I'll take the visitor death hit.
The wha?
Nevermind. Just walk away. I don't want your future colleagues asking questions.

Great. Next time I'm just creating random townies. I don't feel like playing referee. Oh well. Brooklyn, you have visitors. Greet them.
Again? I just wanna read my book in peace.

*eyes bulge* But I'm not playing the Apocalypse. There must be another reason why Ben Long and Marisa Bendett are getting along.
Shhhh! Brandi's tellin' me about people in the neighborhood. Now who'd you say would automatically try to insult me when I greeted 'em?
Are you talking to someone?
Just don't worry about that. The insulter?
You might want to get a pen and a piece of paper.

Can they go home now? I really wanna go back to my book. And my hand sanitizer got lost in the move.
Why not? You've met them all, and now they're all trying to dance together. Time to cut my losses.
How'd you lose anythin'?
Long story. You're hungry; you should make a sandwich or something.

I'll hafta look into where this meat came from. I see a spot on it.
Ever thought your glasses could be smudged?
Oh boy, this one is certified.

Why am I sweatin' to a radio playing metal?
You wanted skill points and you need to get fit for your new career. And the Presidential Physical Fitness handicap.
What? Handicap? I'm not doin' anythin' that's gettin' me handicapped!
Did I say handicap? Wrong word. Uh... what's another word for test that starts with an H? Okay, I got nothing. Basically, you need a certain amount of body skill to advance in law enforcement. We're working on it now.
Surely *pant* there's gotta be *pant* a quicker way *pant* than this?
Unless you've got 1400 simoleons, no.

Why'd it get so dark all of a sudden? Where're the lights?
I'm still trying to give you a shack. Lights are a luxury at this point.
I guess that means I might as well go to bed. I can't see a thing without my glasses, and they only work in lit areas.

Good night Brooklyn.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Now's probably a bad time to remind her that she needs to be looking for a spouse. Good thing I always have a plan.

Brooklyn, I need you to make a phone call.
But I just woke up. *yawn*
Even better. It's 1-800-438-6243.
What's this about?

...Are you sayin' I can't clean my own house? I mean, whatever this is? Besides, there's nothin' to clean!
Exactly! It's just a ploy to meet someone.
But, I met four people yesterday.
Ah, Brooklyn. You'll understand later.
What? What're you talkin' about? I wanna know!

Oh no. Sumo wrestlers couldn't stand up to your strength, Miss Gray.
So stock is made by investment? I don't know if I wanna speculate on higher education. I just think that where there are politicians, lawyers will soon follow.

Enjoying your radio, Brooklyn?
Why'm I dancin'?
I was hoping you'd find that fun.
You're kiddin', right?
Of course. You can't find anything enjoyable that's actually fun. I'll get the newspaper.

I can't believe they want $72 for this unfinished shack. It's extortion. And there was no self-stick envelope. What'd they expect me to do, actually lick it? I heard the cockroach story. I'm going stir crazy without my hand sanitizer.

Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew! I'm takin' a bath with Pine-Sol when I get back.
*sigh* Goodbye, Brooklyn.

Darnit, Brooklyn, we're broke as it is! We don't even have that much!

Thank goodness you brought me some good news. I couldn't take any more bad.
You? How d'you think I feel? This job's got me paranoid about everyone. Gah! I neeeeeed my hand sanitizer.
I wonder if you actually use it for your hands.

I'm gonna hafta have a long talk with Remi about the quality of his shower cleaning.
Since when were you two on a first name basis?
That's none of your business.

Darn cheap toilet. I ain't do nothin' to clog it.
I don't know. With you and your hand sanitizer obsession, I could believe you unintentionally clogged it with tissue.
Just because I don't wanna get sick with an easily avoidable infection, I can't be blamed for the breakdown of my plumbin'.

Hey Remi, it's me. I'm ok, you? That's good. Listen, could ya come over? I need some company. Thanks, I really 'preciate it. Bye.

And I hear no words of thanks for the TV.
I'm thankin' you by watchin' it.
That's the last time I get you something fun.

High five!

May I say that you are looking especially lovely today, Miss Gray?
Oh, man, you're makin' me blush, Remi.

Who is it this early in the mornin'? Marisa?
Oh, hello Melissa. You know, I hear it's bad karma to call people while they're sleepin'. They get angry and sometimes lose control of their actions.

Yeah, I've taken up prayin' for bags of money to fall from the sky.
Once again, not until long after your death.
What's with that silly grin?
What silly grin?
*snicker* Brooklyn, why don't you say something?
Say what?
Oh, I don't know, but it could start with "Remi, I like you a lot."
Yeah, it's that obvious.
Um, Miss Gray?
You went into a trance-like state for a few seconds and started talking to yourself.
Oh, sorry 'bout that. And please, call me Brooklyn.
Do it!
C'mere, Remi.
No fair! I gave you the idea, and now I don't even get to hear it!
*giggle* Yeah.
Grrr... I wanted to hear it.

And what are you doing?
What? I was just gettin' a hug.

Ooooh, a telescope! Fin'lly! Thanks.
It was as much for me as you. I was tired of seeing the want.

Oh crap! He never comes to the houses with alarms installed. Brooklyn wake up! You're getting robbed!
Where? I'll kill'im!
Just call the cops!

Hello, this is Brooklyn Gray. I'm bein' robbed! I'm at the house without the roof and most of the walls. Just hurry up! If he robs me blind, I'm gonna sue you for all you're worth!
Oh not that! I just bought that yesterday!
Not the telescope! Anything but the telescope!
Hey buddy...

Go Legacy Coast PD!
Watch the telescope, watch the telescope...
Um, hello? Criminal gettin' away with my property, officer!

I'm really sorry about your property, Miss.
Gray. Brooklyn Gray. Better remember the name, because at this rate, I'll be your boss pretty soon. Just wait until I graduate...
My bookcase... *cry*
He could've at least gotten the telescope back.

Exercising at this time of night? You should get some sleep.
Can't *grunt* sleep. Must kick *pant* burglar's keister.

Who's that?
Oh, Melissa, I'm so glad you called. You won't believe what happened to me. I was robbed! Yeah, I couldn't believe it either. But he just waltzed right onto my property...
I think we'll take a break while she grouses to her personal stalker. We'll be back to the house that Fini built soon!
Theme Song: Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield


ASimWen said...

Hehehe yeah those buglars come when there is no alarm. EAsier that way...ahhh..Remi the maid, good choice. :)

javajan32 said...


This was so funny. I'm so glad I had the time to visit your blog. I love the hand sanitizer and how she never stopped talking about it. When she said hello to the paperboy, all I could think was "ewe" (for him) because of what she just did and what she didn't do. heehee. I was half expecting her to start asking people she talked to if they had some hand sanitizer she could borrow. (snicker) Then the over voice saying... no you don't get that until an EP is installed. heehee

I loved it! Nice short to the point, full of humor, and first match has been made.

WTG!!! Can't wait for the next update.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

@Wen: I swear, he hadn't shown up in ages. I can't remember the last time I saw the burglar. It's ridiculous. *eye roll*
@Jan: I'm glad you found it funny. I have to have some kind of running gag. For her it was the hand sanitizer. And it's not going away. If anything, it might be worse because of the events of next week.
I'm being helpful, letting her know that she just can't get her money or see a different paperboy until something's installed. *grin*

javajan32 said...

I wont get tired of the hand sanitizer jokes or the when that gets installed ones.

MizzJulez said...

Wow.. I'm impressed, sounds really cool.. Thinking about doing this too, but don't no if I could.. Don't you miss a lot of things from the EP's and stuff..? Really good writting, hehe.. Looking foreward to more.. :D

Kerry said...

Oh, wow, Legacy with a neurotic founder! *shivers* You have a long, long, hard road before you....

Infinity-Nevermore said...

@MizzJules: It's really a lot of fun. I won't lie, I miss cars and leftovers like crazy, and having no lifetime want is rather inconvenient, but in its own way, it's fun. I feel like a pioneer.

tehkiks said...

Haha great start! I love your neurotic founder, but then again, I do have a soft spot for weird sims :P It really was fun to read, can't wait for the next chapter!